How To Game Sephora's Points System To Get Free Makeup

If you’re a true betch, you know why higher end makeup is more expensive. It’s because that shit just works better. But if you’re a betch on a budget or a starving artist trying to ~*~follow your dreams~*~, you either go without or max out Daddy’s credit card. Struggle no longer, betches. Here are secrets to getting the most out of your cash on high-end brands. This tutorial is based on my favorite makeup store, Sephora, but I’m sure could be applicable at Nordstrom or other stores with insider perks. Read below on how to finesse Sephora to get free makeup.

1. Become A Beauty Insider, Like, Yesterday

The key to maximizing your cash at Sephora lies within their Beauty Insider program. Specifically, getting to Rouge status as soon as possible. You get Rouge status by spending $1,000 a year, but there are ways around actually doing this. You see, the Rouge status is based on points, not actual dollars spent. Meaning, if your entire makeup repertoire (powder, foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow palette, blush, etc, etc, etc) costs around $300 total, wait to buy until a Triple Points day and you’ll get 900 points. You’re practically already a Rouge. Triple Points days happen often and count towards your status, so do this enough (and stock up ahead of time) and you’ll be a Rouge in no time. I got my first year of Rouge by buying everyone’s holiday gifts at Sephora on a Triple Points day. It’s free to sign up for this program and you get points on every purchase, so there is no reason not to. You also get a free signup gift and a birthday gift every year—aka, you guessed it, free makeup at least twice a year.

The other thing is that once you hit 1,000 points for that year, your next 1,000 counts toward your next year. Plan well enough around those Triple Points days, and you can get way ahead, ensuring that every purchase builds toward Rouge status for years to come.

Joanne The Scammer

2. Use Your Points Effectively

Once you start racking up points, check out the Beauty Rewards regularly. You buy these with points you’ve earned from purchases and they usually have really great options. There are two things I always buy from the points section: mascara and moisturizer.

Mascara and eyeliner, depending on brand, expire every 3-4 months. (I’m sure you’re horrified, as you’re probably putting bacteria-ridden diseased mascara into your eyeballs as we speak.) Opened mascara tends to dry out around this time anyway, forcing you to purchase another tube. However, very few people actually finish their tube of mascara before it just dries out on them or expires. A sample size mascara has about three months’ usage in it, assuming you don’t layer it heavily every day. Buy mini mascaras and eyeliners with points instead of real money (more free makeup, blessings), and you’ll get to use the high-end brand (normally $20 a tube) for free.

Moisturizers and primers are another win from the points store, as the good stuff is usually soooo expensive. I can make a small jar of moisturizer last a month, and primers much longer than that. Again, it’s technically free with your points, so do it.

The 500 point sets are also awesome for travel or for gifts, as they include several high-end products in mini sizes.

3. Know The Perks Of Rouge Membership

Once you hit Rouge status, you can save money in two major ways. 1) You can return anything you want (we’ll get to that later). 2) You get free makeovers whenever you want. They actually cannot turn you away.

So if you have a lot of weddings or events to go to this year, instead of paying to get your makeup done, you call up Sephora, tell them you’re a Rouge member, and they will do your makeup for free. Normally, you have to buy $50 of products for a makeover. Some Sephora locations will even do your hair (provided it’s not too complicated).

The free makeup sessions save you a lot of money in the long run, and it is just so convenient. I once went to Vegas and after getting day drunk by the pool, I didn’t feel like getting ready for the night. I took a shower, waltzed into the nearby Sephora looking like a wet rodent, and emerged looking like a glamorous high-end escort. I mean, it was Vegas, so that’s kind of their thing. But the point is, I got a free makeover.

Princess Diaries Makeover

4. Samples, Samples, Samples

Sephora employees will give you as many free makeup samples as you want, provided that you fake interest and not be an asshole about it. So if you’re obsessed with La Mer eye cream and can’t afford it, just go ask for a sample. They’re normally pretty generous and you can get samples from everything from skincare to perfume to most makeup. I think the only things excluded are mascaras and eyeliners (but we already covered where to get those from). Perfume is an especially great sample, as they give you those tiny spray bottles, which last at least a few weeks.

Also, if you order online, you can choose three samples with every purchase. This includes just getting stuff from the points store. Utilize it.

5. Return What You Hate

Sephora is one of those awesome companies that lets you return pretty much anything. If you’re a Rouge, they won’t turn away any of your returns. If anything you buy breaks, shatters, or doesn’t work before you can use all of your product, take it back and Sephora will return it at full price. Even if you completely shatter a palette or eyeshadow, they will swap it for you. I once returned a mostly used perfume because the nozzle stopped working. They just gave me a brand new one.

You can also return anything you don’t like, even if it’s been a while. I tend to buy things on a whim, and last year, I realized I was hoarding quite a few products that I didn’t like or use anymore. I had a foundation that went on cakey, a stuck loose powder that wouldn’t let me get the rest of the product out but still had a third of it left, a set of lip balms I didn’t really like or use often, and an eyeliner that made my eyes itch. I returned it all at once and got a gift card worth full price of every product. I bought all of Becca’s new Ocean palettes with it and they are fabulous. Don’t let your broken or hated products take up counter space—switch them out!

The Grinch Hate

6. Look Up Promo Codes

If you’re shopping online, always, always look up Sephora Promo Codes. They have 20% off deals and free product coupons all the time. It’s worth a quick Google search just to see if there is anything you can use.

Happy shopping, Betches, and enjoy your free makeup.

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