Relatable Fitness Instagrammers You Should Follow

If you have an Instagram account, chances are you follow a few influencers to stave off the boredom while waiting in line for your iced coffee every morning, and like, motivate you to occasionally do a sit-up. And while relatable fitness Instagrammers can sound like an oxymoron, they aren’t all pushing totally unrealistic expectations. I choose to follow loads of food and fitness Instagram accounts on my finsta (got to maintain that ratio) and low-key, some of them are kind of inspiring. Like you wouldn’t think you’d actually find positive inspiration on Instagram (it’s hidden beneath all the fake hoes) but there are a few pretty real Instagrammers that I’ve stumbled upon on my explore page.

Unlike a lot of fitness influencers that document their perfect lives working out daily at Barry’s Boot Camp and only drinking celery juice, these influencers feel more relatable or, at the very least, they’re entertaining. Honestly, some of them don’t even have a lot of followers; they’re just random people that run good accounts. But hey, check them out. These relatable fitness Instagrammers won’t make you feel like sh*t when you scroll through their profile, hungover on Sunday morning. That’s really all I ask for in this life.

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So my sister told me about this girl, and she’s honestly she’s one of my favorite people to follow. She works out a lot, but she’s all about loving a strong, muscular body instead of endlessly searching for that size 00 heroine-chic model frame. Her eating habits are pretty healthy, but she doesn’t merely subsist off of salads. She actually eats carbs at every meal, which makes sense considering how much she works out.

Basically, she has balance in her life, something that, incidentally, my parents always tell me I’m lacking. The one thing I can’t get behind is her obsession with protein powder; I tried a few different ones and they literally all suck. Like, it’s an explosion of sawdust and sickly sweet stevia in your mouth. Does that sound appetizing? But other than that, this girl is def one of my favorite relatable fitness Instagrammers.

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This girl is literally in college, so I find all her stuff super relatable. Over the weekend she did a Q&A about balancing drinking and health while at a tailgate, interspersing her advice with boomerangs of her friends doing shots. Very relatable. Also, she puts pancakes on top of her smoothie bowls, which is such a vibe.

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Okay, this girl may actually be my idol. She’s from Hawaii, has the cutest boyfriend, and has the most positive outlook on life but somehow manages to be motivational instead of obnoxiously deluded. She also made it to the callback castings for the VSFS which is super impressive considering she’s, like, 18. Soooo maybe not entirely the most relatable.

All her videos always finish with a motivational message about keeping life positive even though it’s hard for everyone, including her, and I guess I appreciate the honesty there. Also, I just like watching her morning routine videos and pretending that if I guzzle ACV and take my supplements every morning I can become like her.

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Well, duhhhh. If you don’t follow our podcasts already, what are you even doing with your life? Diet starts tomorrow is seriously the most relatable thing I’ve ever listened to. Everyone feels like throwing their phone across the room instead of waking up and going to the gym some mornings. And sometimes I want some freaking bread instead of another freaking salad. Life’s all about moderation, and they totally get that!

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