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The Valentine's Day Cards You Wish You Could Hand Out In 2024

The year is 2004, you spend four hours and an entire bottle of Elmer’s gluing tissue paper and rhinestones onto a cut up shoebox. You beg your mom to take you to Party City where you meticulously study every Valentine’s Day package they have to offer. For the life of you, you cannot decide between the That’s So Raven, Josie and The Pussycats, or Harry Potter themed cards. You start to sweat. Your mom says you need to make a decision because she’s driving car pool for your sister’s gymnastics class. Tears well in your eyes. You panic and choose Josie and the Pussycats. By the time you get to school on February 14, you are smoothing down the “gimme chocolate” letters on your Limited Too velcro tee-shirt and jumping out of your goddamn skin. If it was possible to bottle that energy and sell it, we’d all be Kylie Jenner rich.

Sadly, those days are 20 years behind us. We now know better than to house three pocket-sized Fun Dips (dental insurance is expensive) and prefer a nice bottle of Cabernet over the Valentina Beanie Baby. But Valentine’s Day cards are still a thing. Maybe you’re not passing them out to your co-workers (not worth a meeting with HR), but you’re sending them to your friends, family and partners via DM on Instagram. We’ve come up with the best 2024 pop culture inspired Valentine’s Day cards you’ll find. They’re particularly perfect to send to that guy you hooked up with a few weeks ago who you want to wish a happy Valentine’s Day and, like, see what he’s up to tonight without seeming super desperate. We got you covered.

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Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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