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I Investigated The Current Status Of Chelsea And Jimmy From 'Love Is Blind'

Jimmy and Chelsea are some of the most chaotic Love is Blind season 6 stars — and that’s saying a lot. With characters like them, Clay, Laura, Jeramey, and Sarah Ann, it’s been a remarkably stressful ride. Let’s look at the facts: Jimmy and Chelsea literally started out their romance in a love square. At the time, he was also dating Jess, and she was also dating Trevor. I daresay agonizing over your choices and forcing yourself to pick someone is not an ideal way to start an engagement. Then, when they left the pods, Jimmy was deeply disappointed that Chelsea wasn’t a carbon copy of Megan Fox, her alleged and controversial celebrity lookalike.

These two clashed quite a bit throughout their time in the real world, arguing about clinginess, Jess, a past hookup of Jimmy’s, and more. It was, like, a lot. And yet, they kept working it out and trying to move forward. At the reunion, they seemed to be all good with each other but did not reveal their current relationship status. So, are Jimmy and Chelsea still together now? Um. I sincerely hope not, but here’s what I know after doing some digging.

How Did Jimmy And Chelsea Leave Things In Episode 12?

Jimmy and Chelsea on Love Is Blind
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Jimmy really threw me for a loop at this breakup dinner with Chelsea. First, he asked her how she was feeling about marriage, and she told him she was feeling good about it. Then, he literally said, “You’ve done exactly what I would want in a wife. I love you to death” before telling her that he did not want to go to the altar. Mixed messaging, I would say. Naturally, the conversation turned into an argument about their previous (major) arguments and ended with Chelsea heartbroken and in tears. I mean, at least Jimmy didn’t go the Clay route?

Are Jimmy And Chelsea Still Together After The Show?


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Even after everything they’ve been through, the Love Is Blind stars seem to at least be on good terms now. On February 22, Jimmy posted a photo of them kissing and cheekily wrote, “Proof I kiss chels.” He continued his caption, “Chelsea is an amazing person and loves so hard. Due to time, a lot of the full story this far wasn’t shown. There are reasons we are both fighting for each other and sticking to our promise.”

During the reunion episode, there seemed to be some kind of vibe between them… Jimmy and Chelsea were placing hands on each other’s legs and looking at each other pretty often. I honestly was almost convinced that they’re a couple now. However, Nick and Vanessa Lachey neglected to ask about their relationship status (gotta love ’em). After the episode aired, Chelsea revealed that they did date for a few days following their split on the show. “It was a journey that we were trying to maneuver together,” she said. However, they quickly called it off again, and that was the end of Jelsea. RIP. Fortunately, they appear to still have a close friendship. Okay, I can breathe a little easier with this info.

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