Types of Coworkers

To deal with coworkers just replace “fuck you” with “great!” We wrote a new book called “when’s happy hour” to help you work hard so you can hardly work. Go to betches.co/whh to pre-order now or accept hating your job forever.

Lies We Tell Ourselves About Dieting

If intermittent fasting just sounds like starving to you, listen to our podcast Diet Starts Tomorrow because many things taste as good as skinny feels: https://betches.co/dst

When Your Friend Gets Engaged

We get it, the love of your life gave you the rock of your dreams and if you don’t rub it in everyone’s face it’s like it never happened.

When You Make Plans

When you are in a good mood, it’s easy to agree to 7am yoga or dinners with friends who bore the shit out of you. But the day of, it’s a different story. Featuring: Lianna Nielson, Emma Wilmann

Meme Girls

What goes into the memes you see on Betches? Sweat. Blood. Tears. And a surprising amount of wigs. “Meme Girls” is the first ever scripted comedy series by Betches. It’s a satirical look at the world of meme-making, content creation, and Insta fame. You know you’ve always been curious.   Written & Directed: Bryan Russell … Continued

When Your Phone Is Listening

This is a case for the FBI. Featuring: Alise Morales, Shira Abraham, Kenzie Szymarek, Jessie Jolles, Bryan Russell Smith Writer: Bryan Russell Smith Editor: Jessie Jolles

Me When I’m PMSing

Does anyone have any chocolate? Am I ugly? Does my cat love me? These are all valid questions when you are PMSing.

When Someone Goes Through Your Phone

Search History with Michelle Collins premieres Tuesday, June 5 on PeopleTV. To watch, go to PeopleTV.com or download the PeopleTV app on your mobile or connected TV device.