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Everything You Need To Look Like A Cool, Angsty, Punk Rock Princess For The GUTS Tour

The actual teenage girls and the teenage girls in their twenties and thirties are in their Olivia Rodrigo GUTS Tour Era right now. I sincerely hope you’re ready to get Disney Channel grunge and shriek your heart out to “driver’s license,” even though you definitely got yours… many, many years ago. After all, this isn’t just any old concert — it’s a massive cultural event, and we actually have to do some crucial prep work. I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself in 2009, either rocking out at a real Demi Lovato concert or acting out in your bedroom. That’s the exact energy we need to bring to the GUTS shows.

An Olivia concert is a sacred space for the girlies, so we must respect the dress code inspired by our queen’s signature looks. If you plan to see her on tour soon, it’s time to dig through your closet and test out some on-theme ensembles. We’re aiming for a severely angsty girl at a party, a man-hater, and a budding pop-rock superstar. As a seasoned expert on this woman (I’ve been a stan for all three years of her music career), here’s the GUTS show fashion inspo you need.

Purple, black, and red are key

Olivia Rodrigo 'GUTS' Tour
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If you’re a big fan, I really shouldn’t have to explain the color scheme to you. However, both of Olivia’s eras, SOUR and GUTS, are purple because she’s giving deep thinker, creative, feminine, melancholy vibes. She also introduced red for the GUTS chapter because “vampire,” blood, duh. Liv wears a lot of black to really emphasize her edgy rock side, too.

Extra High-Waisted Cloud+ Skort

Wide Leg Tube Jumpsuit

Docs or Converse are basically required

Olivia Rodrigo Docs GUTS Tour
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If you’re not wearing a platform shoe, what are you doing? When I walk into Madison Square Garden in April, I expect to see a taller-than-average crowd of girls. Everyone should be sporting black footwear. Anything other than Docs and Converse is frankly gonna look out of place.

High Top Platform Converse

Dr. Martens Combat Boot

Get out your fishnet tights 


Don’t have a ticket but telling myself I’m going 🤭 #gutstour #oliviarodrigo #livies #livieshq #gutsworldtour #concertoutfit #gutstouroutfits @Olivia Rodrigo @livies hq ❤️

♬ original sound – niki✨

Whether you’re wearing a skirt, a dress, or shorts, you need fishnet tights underneath to up the try-hard rebel attitude. I don’t make the rules.

Fishnet Tights

Glitter Rip-Resist Tights

You’re gonna need to accessorize with a ribbon in your hair


Olivia is in fact lacy 😭 #oliviarodrigo #oliviarodrigoguts #fyp

♬ original sound – livies hq ❤️

Olivia Rodrigo doesn’t sing “Ooh, I care, I care, I care / Like ribbons in your hair” for no reason. And no, I haven’t yet confirmed the identity of who “lacy” is about, but my favorite theory is Gracie Abrams, a girl who adores a hair ribbon (plus Gracie, Lacy…). This hair accessory is giving girly, and it’s giving knowledgable about lyrics.

Mini Satin Hair Bow Clip Set

Silky Oversized Bow

Sparkle is an Olivia stan’s best friend

Olivia Rodrigo Sparkles
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The look wouldn’t be Disney-teen-punk-girlie core without some serious sparkle, preferably black and purple, obviously. I wanna spot you from super far away.

Purple Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

Sequin Tube Top

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost is an entertainment writer at Betches. As a teenage girl in her twenties, she spends her time stanning Olivia Rodrigo, baking cakes for award shows, and refusing to ever leave her Reputation era.