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My Formal Pitch To Disney To Please Remake ‘Camp Rock’

June 20, 2008, was a historic day: Camp Rock premiered on Disney Channel, and my life changed forever. In fact, I owe my entire personality to this timeless musical movie featuring the JoBros, Demetria Devonne Lovato, lies, bullies, epic musical numbers, and a whole lot of Disney Knees. What else could you possibly wish for? And the second installment was even better. They upped the angst, went all out on Broadway-level choreography, and made more Grammy-deserving songs. (“Wouldn’t Change a Thing” was SNUBBED.) 

We’re clearly in an era of remakes: Gossip Girl and High School Musical are among my favorite TV shows and movies from childhood that have been reimagined over the last few years. Next up is Wizards of Waverly Place, thank goodness. I’d like to point out that Camp Rock was instrumental (see what I did there) in creating this golden era of teen dramas. In 2024, a new generation of talented starlets is thriving, and kids today deserve to see them sing, dance, and fall in love at summer camp! This is real, this is me, and this is my formal pitch to remake Camp Rock

The Plot Of The Camp Rock Remake

You can’t compete with the original… but you can try. In the 2024 edition of Camp Rock, the Disney queens, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato have formed a band (yes, they’re replacing the Jonas Brothers just because). Even though they already have several chart-topping hits as a group, they feel like there’s one missing piece: a fourth member who is Gen Z. They wanna make sure they’re reaching a wide-ranging audience. It was Demi, of course, who had the brilliant idea to find the new band member at Camp Rock — which is now run by Jennifer Lopez. Chaos ensues at the camp as the band scouts out new talent. Naturally, one huge concert at the end will ultimately determine the outcome. 

Casting For The Camp Rock Remake

Olivia Rodrigo, Tate McRae at the Los Angeles Lakers Game
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The casting really just came to me. The Disney Queen band members and Jennifer will play themselves, duh. I’m seeing Renee Rapp and Jenna Ortega as competing campers who hate each other and then fall in love. I’m seeing Olivia Rodrigo as the Mitchie figure. I’m seeing Tate McRae as the Caitlyn figure. (ShE’s ReAlLy gOoD!) I’m seeing Rachel Zegler as one of Olivia’s besties who is the runner-up in the competition. I’m seeing Willow Smith as the cool, hardcore rock girl who makes fun of Olivia’s singer/songwriter stuff. I genuinely can’t think of any relevant men to include? I mean, we could throw in The Kid LAROI for good measure. Why not? Call me, Disney. I’m happy to direct.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost is an entertainment writer at Betches. As a teenage girl in her twenties, she spends her time stanning Olivia Rodrigo, baking cakes for award shows, and refusing to ever leave her Reputation era.