Outfit Inspo For The Eras Tour, So You Can Stop Scrolling At A Decent Hour

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I’ve come to realize that, even though it pains me to admit it, I’m a Swiftie. Considering she perfectly narrated my horribly awkward pubescent years and the fact that my name was literally in her song, 15, (Yes, I’d like to believe I’m the *kind-of* red headed Abigail she speaks of) I’ve been a fan since she was shedding teardrops on her guitar back in Wyomissing, PA. (IYKYK.) 

In more recent years, I feel like I’ve pulled away because I’ve thought she’s just a bit too “main-stream” for me. But the minute the Eras Tour took over Swift City Glendale, it’s like I’m a giddy thirteen year old again. Like, I was literally fangirling so hard watching TikTok after TikTok rooting for the fans that got tickets, dressed in their most Fearless-era outfits. I think my husband literally had to pry my phone from my hands at 3 am to get me to finally go to sleep. My entire FYP was flooded (and still is flooded) with nothing but TSwift and TBH, my eyes were glued.

I’m honestly embarrassed to admit what my screen time looks like RN, but it’s all in the name of finding the most perfect outfit for a concert that I’m not even going to, right?! But, there’s no gatekeeping between Swifties. I consulted Betches HQ very own Betch Dressed employee, Maddy Paul (aka, Fashion & Lifestyle Senior Content Manager), and we’re sharing outfit inspo for every—era so you can put your phone down at a decent hour tonight.

Taylor Swift (Debut)

Okay, so maybe you don’t actually want to relive the horror that was 2006 fashion, but honestly it was a much simpler time. Instead, we suggest upgrading Tay’s OG blue dress and be sure to pair it with some cowboy boots (obvi).

Johanna Printed Chiffon Mini Dress

Shop it: UO Johanna Printed Chiffon Mini Dress, $59,


There was honestly so much fringe in this era that I would seriously consider getting bangs if I were able to get tickets to the show. But alas, I’m not going, and friends don’t let friends make rash hair decisions. Maddy says she would opt for this gold number, considering you could actually wear it more than once.

Gold Rush Long Sleeve

Shop it: Free People Gold Rush Long Sleeve, $78,

Speak Now

FFS, please do not interrupt a wedding on the Era’s tour. Because apparently that’s actually a thing? Instead, make a statement with (more) sparkles. This look is, perfectly ~enchanted~. I mean, the mini skirt is THE color of the era. You could go full out with the matching top or chill it out with a white tee.

Miss Selfridge Premium Disc Sequin Mini Skirt

Shop it: ASOS Miss Selfridge Premium Disc Sequin Mini Skirt, $95,


So, I feel like everyone will be donning the *iconic* metaphorical scarf that we all know a little too well .(Sorry, Jake) But, like, why not take this era literally? Plus this dress references Taylor’s retro red era without having to wear a fedora.

Eye-Catching Mini

Shop it: Free People Eye-Catching Mini, $78,


“The metallic pant trend was literally made for this era,” says Maddy. And, I tend to agree. I feel like this was the OG pop-princess reckoning and Taylor had a major glow up. And by that I mean all she wore were metallics and sparkles.

Lupe Blue Metallic PU Trousers

Shop it: Amy Lynn Lupe Blue Metallic PU Trousers, $126, Wolf And Badger


It honestly wouldn’t be the Reputation era without a little snake print. It’s giving rebellious teenager who chronically says, “it was never a phase.” (Hi, it’s me. I’m the teenager.) Maddy reminded me, “who could forget the Reputation snake emojis,” and it immediately sent me back to 2017.

Leah Faux Leather Snake Print Pant

Shop it: UO Leah Faux Leather Snake Print Pant, $24.95,


I mean, do I even need to explain this one? Sequins, hearts, puff sleeves? This dress is the epitome of the Lover era. So much so that I would be afraid of catching feelings.

Hearts Sequined Minidress

Shop it: Farm Rio Hearts Sequined Minidress, $227.50, Saks Fifth Avenue

Folklore & Evermore

Maddy emphasized that this era is perfect for our fellow millennial whose closet pretty much only consists of black and neutrals. “If rainbows and sequins aren’t your thing, channeling Folklore/Evermore is your best bet,” she says, “Cottage core keeps it on trend but still fun enough for a concert.”

Nikita Lace Hanky Hem Midi Dress

Shop it: UO Nikita Lace Hanky Hem Midi Dress, $79,


Perhaps I’m taking this one a little too seriously, but you wouldn’t catch me dead in anything other than a sweatshirt after midnight these days. Plus, nothing wrong with a little good karma.

Karma Crew

Shop it: Betches Karma Crew, $50,

Honorable Mention

Find yourself a girl who can do both. And by both, I mean first album and most recent album. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hat that screams “Taylor Swift” quite like this one. From her humble roots in country music to superstar— your regular old cowboy hat could never.

Star Cowboy Hat

Shop it: UO Star Cowboy Hat, $89,

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