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'The Office' Is Getting A Spinoff Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

I’m not superstitious but I am a little stitious so news of a brand new version of The Office coming to our screens has me shaking in my nostalgic boots. Dear Hollywood, is nothing sacred anymore?? This is obviously a rhetorical question since we are now so accustomed to reboots Hulu made an entire TV series about it that was quickly canceled (probably just so they could revive it into a revitalized series with the same cast any day now). Regenerating the show in any capacity that made Steve Carrell a fatherly fuck-up to the masses (before he randomly got really hot) was not on my bingo card for 2024, but luckily this isn’t actually a reboot of the original characters we already said a tearful goodbye to in 2013. Universal Television and Peacock are teaming up with the creators of the US Office to explore a new angle of Michael Scott’s world we never focused on before and honestly, I’m intrigued. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Office spinoff series including when we’ll be able to stream the future hit show.

What is The Office spinoff series about?

'The Office'
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The show is reported to follow the documentary crew that initially discovered Michael Scott (Michael Scarn, if you’re nasty) and his motley crew of corporate employees at the Scranton Dunder Mifflin office as they search for their next compelling case study to follow around. According to Peacock, this subject is a “dying historic Midwestern newspaper” that is so broke it has to hire volunteer reporters to try to save it from closing its doors.

Who is in The Office spinoff?

Sabrina Impacciatore
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While the cast is still growing, so far Sabrina Impacciatore and Domhnall Gleeson are confirmed to lead the series. Sabrina was the OCD hotel manager in the iconic second season of White Lotus who was so good we wish she was in season 3. Domhnall is not actually Eddie Redmayne with that one sexy TikTok filter on, but is in fact an entirely different actor who has starred in About Time, Ex-Machina, and Peter Rabbit for the kids reading at home.

When will The Office spinoff air?

Domhnall Gleeson
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Greg Daniels and the original team of legends who created the better Office (sorry Brits, those are just the facts) are said to be a few episodes into the first season of The Bullpen (yes, that’s just my amazing pitch for the new series title, Peacock feel free to Venmo me one million dollars in return). Since they’re still working out what the show will be and have additional casting to do, it’s highly unlikely the spinoff would air before the fall of 2025, or more realistically early 2026.

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