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Every Single Detail We Have So Far About 'White Lotus' Season 3

If I could go anywhere in the world right now, it would be The White Lotus. I do not care which one. Bring me to Hawaii, Sicily, or Thailand, and I’ll be the happiest woman alive. (Although I do see myself most in Aubrey Plaza’s Harper out of the characters we know so far, so maybe Sicily.) I’m a proud stan of the Max anthology series, and the ghost of Jennifer Coolidge’s character, the inspirational Tanya, is in my thoughts everyday. RIP, queen. Although she devastatingly won’t be returning for chapter 3 unless there’s some kind of miracle, there are lots of exciting new faces joining the show. Hellooo, Aimee Lou Wood and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

The third season has officially begun filming in Thailand — it’s time to prepare ourselves. I’ve poured over interviews, sleuthed on social media, and stalked show creator Mike White to get some answers. Who’s in the cast, you ask? Where are they filming specifically? What’s the next season about? Here’s every White Lotus season 3 detail I know as an obsessive viewer and talented internet user.

Where Does The White Lotus Season 3 Take Place?

This new bunch of insane travelers is heading to Thailand! It’s now confirmed that filming locations include the Four Seasons Koh Samui and Anantara Mai Khao Villas in Phuket. Ohh la la… booking my stays at both right now. The third season is also filming in Bangkok.

Who’s In The White Lotus Season 3 Cast?

Patrick Schwartzenegger
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The iconic Natasha Rothwell is returning! Yayyy! The season 3 cast also includes: Aimee Lou Wood (my Sex Education queen), Patrick Schwarzenegger (is there anyone more perfect for this?), Leslie Bibb, Christian Friedel, Jason Isaacs, Michelle Monaghan, Nicholas Duvernay, Carrie Coon, Sarah Catherine Hook, Parker Posey, Dom Hetrakul, Tayme Thapthimthong, Morgana O’Reilly, Lek Patravadi, Shalini Peiris, Walton Goggins, Sam Nivola, Arnas Fedaravičius, Scott Glenn and Blackpink’s Lisa Manobal. Blackpink in your White Lotus area, baby.

What’s The Plot Of The White Lotus Season 3?

Yeah, obviously we don’t know the exact details. However, the next installment reportedly features a patriarchal figure, an actress, a corporate girl boss, a yogi, and a country club wife. As Camila Cabello once said, “I luv it.”

After season 2 ended, Mike White opened up about the theme of the third season during a Max featurette. “The first season we highlighted money and then the second season is sex and I think the third season, it would be maybe a kind of satirical and funny look at death in Eastern religion and spirituality — it feels like it could be a rich tapestry to do another round at White Lotus,” he said.

Have They Started Filming The White Lotus Season 3?


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Indeed they have. Thank heavens. Production began in February! On February 13, the White Lotus Insta account shared a photo of a gorge nature setting. “We’re eager to welcome new guests to our resort in Thailand,” they teased. Aaaahhhh.

When Is The White Lotus Season 3 Coming Out?

It’s extremely rude of these people to make me wait this long for the greatest drama of our time. HBO boss Casey Bloys has said that the third season will air in 2025 due to the Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA strikes that delayed production. I support the strikes, but I do not support dying to know what happens for the next year.

Mike White Is Promising A Super Exciting Season 3

Mike White 'White Lotus'
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The White Lotus mastermind himself promised a “supersized White Lotus” while chatting with Entertainment Weekly. It’s going to be longer, bigger, crazier,” he said. “I don’t know what people will think, but I am super excited, so at least for my own barometer, that’s a good thing… I’m super excited about the content of the season.” 2025, please hurry the fuck up.

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