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I'm In My Meredith Blake From 'The Parent Trap' Era

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It actually pains me to admit this but after 25 years (yes, we’re that old) of watching The Parent Trap and a lot of self reflection, I realized I relate more to Meredith Blake than I do any other character in the movie. I mean, be serious—who wouldn’t want to inherit a vineyard and have a chic AF wedding? Give the woman a break. Plus I have the most massive crush on Dennis Quaid. And have you seen her clothes? I could literally write an entire dissertation on the parallels between Meredith’s and Sofia Richie’s sense of style. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Meredith Blake is just really fucking relatable once you hit your 20s.

So, forget about Annie and Hallie — I’m going full villain this summer and TBH I’m not sorry about it. You can catch me sipping cocktails poolside while managing my kick-ass career and here’s how I’m going to do it:

Get Yourself a Killer Outfit (And A Hat, Obvi)

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The phrase “look good, feel good” has become somewhat of a mantra for me as I’ve aged. Nothing makes you feel like a badass quite like knowing you’re dressed to the nines for something as simple as say, laying by the pool the pool in your own backyard.

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Red Nails Only

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We all know red is a power color and honestly red nails are having a major comeback (especially after Sandoval quite literally ruined white nails for us *sigh*). Plus, if the red nail theory is true, we should be wearing them all summer long.

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Embrace Nature, But Like, Not Too Much

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I think there’s a general consensus that we’d all rather die than go camping without AC or wifi, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy getting dressed for the occasion. Any excuse to wear a matching set is a good one, just don’t let someone drag you into a lake (which seems like common sense??).

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Drink Martinis, Exclusively

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Okay, so they might be the cocktail that you’ve got to force yourself to like (even though you really hate it). But, If I can look this good sipping a cocktail, I’m all for it. Plus, think about the hangovers you’ll skip with no sugary mixers.

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Honor My Inner Corporate Girlie & Rock A Blazer In 90 Degree Heat

Last but certainly not least, I will be shifting my entire wardrobe to personify quiet luxury. Okay, so my blazers might not be same caliber as Merediths, but that’s why we fake it ’til we make it, ladies. It’s giving MBA and MRS all at the same time and I’m here for it.

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Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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