Types Of Alcohol To Drink This Summer To Keep You From Getting Hungover

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Oh boy. When we used to go out, we obviously went like, really hard. I used to say to myself, “What’s the point if you aren’t going to take shots, dance like an animal, and make irresponsible decisions?” Unfortunately, nowadays, when we DO go out and act like irresponsible adults for the evening, we feel even worse the next morning. In college, we managed to avoid hangovers and drink 4-5 days in a row. Who knew we were basically superheroes? Now that I’m in my 30s late 20s hangovers stop me from going out more than like, a single night a month—and even the mildest of hangovers requires a ~minimum~ of 48 hours of recovery time. And don’t even get me started on if I have to go to work the next day. But, what if I told you that there were specific DRINKS you could order that would leave your feeling 22 BUT result in a not-so-bad or barely there hangover? The legends are true (alongside being hydrated and eating properly, obvi). Let’s roll through the list so you can start packing your beach cooler.

1. Vodka

Number one on every list for avoiding hangovers is our good Russian friend, vodka. Because it’s about 40% alcohol mixed with water with very little else (like coloring, preservatives, etc.), hangovers are less common when you’re knocking back a martini. So, yes, continue ordering those vodka sodas for the foreseeable future.


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2. Gin

Because it’s low in extra stuff added in, gin is a great option if you’re a psychopath AND want to experience a headache-free morning. Mix with a little tonic and lime for a low-cal drink that can still pack a punch.

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3. Clear Liquors

As we’ve concluded with our extensive evidence on gin and vodka, really any clear alcohol (NOT BROWN) will enable you to actually attend brunch the next day without vomming on the table. Methanol is found in brown liquors and it stays in your bod loooong after the spins have subsided, making your hangover unbearable.


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4. Skip Anything Carbonated

Champagne, Four Lokos (what are you, 17 years old?), and your Red Bull vodkas aren’t helping your next-day struggle. Basically, anything carbonated increases your rate of alcohol absorption. Which is, like, great while you’re drinking, but not so awesome the next morning.

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5. Light Beer (Or Non-Alcoholic)

Yeah, it kind of makes you look like a narc, but if you insist on drinking beer at the bar then stick with the light stuff. The same rule applies with beer as with liquor—the lighter in color, the less terrible your hangover will be. Plus, while it might seem lame in the moment, you could always have a non-alcoholic beer in between normal beers to save yourself a headache.


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6. White Wine

If, for some reason, wine is your jam at the bar and you’ve been seen toting around a wine glass while fist-pumping and grinding on strangers (we see you, Rihanna), keeping it to the white variety can at least help your hangover the next day (no word on your dignity). Red wine has histamines that can actually make people who experience allergies feel fucking horrible the next day.

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So like, in conclusion, the less you use sugary drinks and mixers, the better. In my (not expert, but v humble) opinion, the more sugar something contains, the worse your hangover is going to be. Better safe than sorry and stick with mixing soda water, unsweetened tea, or seltzer, or just going with straight on the rocks for sippin’. Also, whiskey and dark liquors are NOTORIOUS for horrible hangovers, so take it from me and skip the Jack and Coke.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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