I Wish Khloé And Tristan Weren't Back Together, But It Looks Like They Are

It’s been a few weeks since the news of Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloé Kardashian broke, and I’ve thought about it a lot. Mostly I’ve hoped that Khloé locked him in a dungeon and was only letting him out for basketball games, but Khloé and Tristan were spotted together over the weekend, which means everything in this world is still wrong. Khloé, honey, I know you love him or whatever, but this man is a grade-A asshole! Why are you not on the first private jet back to Calabasas?? Everything about the saga of Khloé and Tristan is depressing, but let’s go over the newest developments.

Last week, there were reports from some lovely anonymous sources that Khloé is “leaning on Kourtney” to get through this tough time. KoKo responded in a cryptic/joking way, but it was the first time she had actually broken her silence. Now, she’s not saying anything, but she’s making it pretty clear that she’s still with Tristan. On Friday, Khloé and Tristan were spotted together at a restaurant in Cleveland. In a grainy paparazzi photo that was clearly taken from 300 feet away with a fucking telescope, Khloé wears giant sunglasses while looking like she just ate an entire lemon, and Tristan just stares at his phone. WHY YOU STILL TEXTIN’ BITCHES, TRISTAN?

They were at a restaurant called TownHall that has a Paleo Night every Wednesday, so at least we know Khloé is still in charge of picking where they go to eat. Is it technically a revenge body if you’re still dating the man you need revenge on? I can’t decide. Also, whose arm is that across the table from Tristan and Khloé?? Is it a body guard to make sure Khloé doesn’t poison Tristan’s food? I need answers. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any more information about Khloé and Tristan from their awkward-looking dinner, but then Khloé made another appearance at the Cleveland Cavaliers game on Saturday night. I have mixed feelings about this.

So I understand that basketball is, like, really important to Tristan, and he’s in the middle of the playoffs right now. It’s nice of Khloé to go and support him, but also what the fuck has he done to earn her support at this time? Also, the entire cheating incident went down when he was traveling for a basketball game! Khloé should fucking hate basketball at this point! Maybe she’s really just at the game to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t get too friendly with any of the cheerleaders. From the pictures, I can’t tell how big of a purse she was carrying, but it must have been big enough to fit Tristan’s balls inside.

So it seems like Khloé and Tristan are pretty committed to making it work at the moment, and I guess I can’t really blame them. Khloé has wanted a baby for a long time, and it’s obviously a huge life decision to break up with the father of your child. That being said, get your shit together Khloé. This man is a proven douchebag, and if there’s anyone who has the resources to make it work as a single mom, it’s Khloé fucking Kardashian. You know Kris Jenner is basically doing nothing and would love nothing more than to raise another child.

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Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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