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IDC What Gen Z Has To Say About It — My Side Part Is Here To Stay

Remember how Gen Z labeled anything except a middle part as “cheugy“? Well, the side part is coming back with a vengeance now. Celebs like Margot Robbie, J.Lo, and Lori Harvey (who also brought back frosted eyeshadow) have stuck true to their roots (lol) and styled the side part on the red carpet. Plus, did you see that we got the ultimate stamp of approval from the girlies fave millennial? Taylor Swift wore a side part last night while (making history!!) scooping up her 4th Album of the Year win. (Bonus points: We’re also getting a  new album in April)

Taylor Swift wearing a side part while accepting her Grammy at the 2024 Grammy Awards.
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Whether you wear your hair up or down, figuring out how to style a side part is as simple as it gets. And, you only need a handful of products and an easy technique to get the sleek straight line right.

I rang my hometown hairstylist, Francis Borell, to get all the best tips for styling your hair in a side part with ease. It all sounds so easy…until you realize you don’t have the steadiest hand or you’re using the wrong comb. This is how to wear your millennial side part proudly.

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Styling a side part:

Start at the root

First things first, prep your hair. Borell emphasizes the importance of starting with a clean slate. A root spray is your go-to here. It not only lifts your roots for that added volume but also gives your hair a much-needed texture.

Color WOW Raise The Root Thicken & Lift Spray

A steady part

After applying the root spray, it’s time for the comb to take the stage. Parting your hair on the side isn’t just about dragging the comb across; it’s about finding the right spot that complements your face shape. Borell suggests aligning the part with the highest point of your eyebrow for a natural, flattering look.

T3 Detail Set

Wax it down

Once you’ve got your part in place, it’s time to define it. This is where the wax stick becomes your best friend. Borell loves a good wax stick for its precision and hold. It allows you to tame those unruly strands without making your hair stiff. Glide the wax stick around the parting to keep those baby hairs in check and to add a sleek finish.

TIGI Hair Wax Stick

Brush it all back

Now, for the grand finale, you’ll need a bristle brush to smooth out your style and add that polished look. Borell recommends using gentle strokes to brush the hair into place. The natural bristles work wonders in distributing the hair’s natural oils, giving your side part a healthy sheen. Plus, if you want to tie it into a ponytail or a bun, you can do so with the same brush.

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Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie