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Good News, Millennials: You’ll Never Own A Home, But Side Parts Are Back!

Trends come and go — from skinny jeans to iced coffee nails — but only the coolest among us stand strong in the face of conformity. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I love folding to the masses. As a pathological people pleaser, I willingly bend my personal style to the whims of the It girls of today. Which is why, when some teenager a decade younger than me decided that side parts were out, I took the high road and got bangs to avoid the whole conundrum. 

Yes, I ditched my fellow millennials for an easy out. But I would argue that bangs have always, and will always, be the more daring choice. For the rest of our generation who were left in the trenches of fighting heedlessly against the sands of time, I come bearing good news: the side part is coming back, baby. 

Need proof? Taylor Swift has been seen recently sporting a side part with pride. And while, yes, Taylor Swift is the ultimate millennial, I would trust her with my whole life (regardless of her birth year). I mean, did you see her rock a side part unapologetically last night also while making Grammy history? We love a girl who can do both (and simultaneously give us a new Taylor Swift album to look forward to). 

More proof?! Oh, I got you. Suki Waterhouse has joined the dark side as well, and anyone who is having a baby with Robert Pattinson, is a good decision-maker in my book. Also!! Meryl Streep, Dua Lipa, Keke Palmer, Christina Ricci, Natasha Lyonne, Eva Longoria, Cara Delevingne, America Ferreira, Saoirse Ronan and token Gen Z-er Chloë Grace Mortez were all sporting the controversial style at the 2023 Academy Museum Gala on December 3. From blunt bobs to side-parted bangs, the hairstyle can suddenly do no wrong. 

But before you run off to buy a flower crown to adorn your new hairdo, not all 2010 trends deserve to come back. Here are ways to bring back the ‘00s classic with a 2024 upgrade. 

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Slicked Back Side Parting 

Iris Law attends The Fashion Awards 2023

Go all in with a deep side part and slick it into place with gel or hair wax stick. Who knew looking wet could be so hot? 

Old Hollywood Side Part 

Cara Delevingne attends the 2023 Academy Museum Gala

Before the aughts claimed it as theirs, side parts were synonymous with Hollywood glam and paired with a bold red lip. Give that side part volume, baby! 

Side-Parted Ponytail 

kerry washington

I know! I know! I let out a gasp too at the thought. Side parted ponytails were all I wore to middle school and the idea of it being glamorous now is almost too much to handle. But here we are. Don’t trust me? Then trust Kerry Washington. (For some added fun, try using a giant scrunchy.) 

Glittery Side Part

Jodie Comer attends The Fashion Awards 2023

Hair glitter is having its own comeback so don’t be afraid to combine the trends. It’s how mermaids would wear their hair if they existed, which they totally do if we’re following my middle school mentality. 

Baby Side Part

Saoirse Ronan attends the 2023 Academy Museum Gala

Still unsure of embracing the past? Try a baby version of the side part by flipping your hair effortless over to one side rather than a clearly defined part. I get it! I also fear commitment.

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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