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Has 'The Traitors' Made Pilot Pete... Hot?

If Pilot Pete put half the amount of energy into being The Bachelor as he does on The Traitors, I actually might’ve finished his season. The way he’s putting everything he has into this game is… kinda hot? And while yes, Pilot Pete, being the main character of this season, is crazy — it’s absolutely bananas — he is manipulating this game and outplaying the real gamers. All while wearing a backward hat. Again, hot.

I would rank his season of The Bachelor above Farmer Chris but below Nick Viall. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t the worst thing I had ever seen. He was just kind of a dweeby weenie, for lack of a better phrase? I remember being bored. However, today, I’m tipping my hat to Hannah Brown. I see what she saw inside that Windmill (four times!!!). We all should’ve known when she casually threw out that number. Shame on us. But who doesn’t love a redemption story?

Reasons Why Pilot Pete Is Now Hot

He Out-Strategized Dan Gheesling


pilot pete dan gheesling traitors season 2
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Dan Gheesling is Big Brother royalty. He’s an all-star gamer known for his A+ strategy and smarts. For Pilot Pete to pull one over on him… hot!!!! Pete, as a member of the Faithfuls, planned a trap, telling Parvati, Dan, and CT that he and Janelle had shields when Bergie and Trishelle were the ones who had protection. Mic drop. A real game player.

His Personal Style

pilot pete traitors season 2
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The bomber jackets. The open button downs. The hoodies. The backward hats. It’s giving retired frat boy. Don’t roll your eyes at me. A backward hat on a man in his early 30s, especially when he’s not covering up a giant bald spot, is hot. Objectively!

His Confidence

pilot pete the traitors season 2
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Perhaps it made us scratch our heads, but Pete’s reality TV confidence has blossomed. He’s a grower, not a shower! He’s making serious moves while standing up to the likes of Parvati?!? And he hasn’t even gone after her gross headbands, which are low-hanging fruit; he’s really working a long game. The real shame is that (oh my lord, sweet baby Jesus, not) Ekin-Su was killed because I actually think they’d be a cute couple.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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