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No Offense But Who The Fuck Designed The Emmys 2024 Red Carpet?

Like most of you, I turned on my TV tonight to watch the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards. You know, just a beautiful red carpet with gorgeous celebrities and photos. Instead, I saw the ugliest step and repeat I’ve ever seen in my life. No offense, but who designed the 2024 Emmys red carpet this year?! I’m confused — is that a grey carpet or a concrete floor? I’m not the only one deeply concerned about the design of this thing. Twitter or X or whatever blew up with people tweeting about how fucking ugly it looked. “The Emmys red carpet is happening and I canNOT get over how ugly the step and repeat is this year. Like who greenlit this it’s so busy and distracting,” one user wrote, with a second adding, “The emmys red carpet background is so fcking ugly omg.” SEE, IT’S NOT JUST ME. WTF is wrong with a classic red?! Why are we trying to change things up?!!! Do not fix what is not broken! 

Below, find the funniest tweets about the 2024 Emmys red carpet aka how goddamn ugly it is. Again, I apologize to the designer and the Academy or whoever put this shit together. It’s not your best work, but thank you for trying<3.

The Most Brutal Tweets About The Emmys Red Carpet:

Katie Corvino
Katie Corvino
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