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Why Daisy Kent Should 100% Be The Future Mrs. Graziadei

I can’t talk right now — I’m busy planning Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent’s wedding. Plus, I have to brainstorm a list of name ideas for their future children, who will be models and also do-gooders. Yes, yes, it’s still pretty early in The Bachelor game, but the 25-year-old nonprofit founder seems like kind of an obvious choice for our gentle Italian tennis man. TBH, it feels like he should be the one vying for her. Like, she’s overcome some massively difficult health issues, she has her own nonprofit, and she has goddess-level looks. 

The sparks between these two are practically flying out of my laptop screen… possibly because they were flying in a helicopter for their first one-on-one date. Daisy looked sooo gorge in her flowy, pink dress. And their kiss in the clouds? Everything. Joey told the camera, “Daisy had something about her on night one that I can’t get out of my head.” (To be fair, based on the Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ruth Bader Ginsburg confusion incident, there’s plenty of space in that head, but I digress.)

So, does Joey pick Daisy in the end? Let’s assess. 

She’s a No-Drama Queen

It’s important to note that Daisy isn’t turning a talent show into a makeout session. (Looking at you, Lexi.) She’s also not getting mad at anyone for doing that (like a lot of the girlies did). She’s not commenting on other people’s insecurities about their age (hiii, Maria), and she’s not blowing those comments way out of proportion and acting insane (ahem, Sydney). Daisy actually just seems to be there for Joey, and we love that for both of them!

She Wants to Make the World a Better Place (A Rarity)

Our girl told her whole emotional life story to Joey on their first date. She’s overcome severe illness and is on a mission to help other people with similar struggles. Her nonprofit, Hear Your Heart, supports kids who have autoimmune disorders or hearing loss. Let’s be honest: She’s probably objectively the best person there. I think Joey is a good person and wants a good person? He did say he’s never slept with his tennis students, so it’s pretty much safe to say his morals are perfect.

Have You Seen the Way He Looks at Her?

Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent on The Bachelor
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This man just adores staring at his future wife, Daisy (I said what I said). “She’s beautiful, she just has this sweet energy about her where she just seems very comfortable and easy to talk to,” he told the camera when they went on their first date. Daisy is a Joey magnet. I swear whenever they’re together, he’s giddy, he has a flirty little smile that won’t go away, and his eyes are all glazed over and only focused on her face. When she “checked in” with him about her Cochlear implant in episode 3, he looked like he was actively falling more in love. I’m obsessed with how obvious he is about his faves in the group. 

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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