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What Is Joey Graziadei’s Job? What The Bachelor Does For A Living

He’s hot, he’s athletic, he’s a gentleman, and now he’s on my TV screen every week (thank god). Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor is almost here and I can’t wait to drool over this cutie week after week and watch all his contestants fight behind the scenes. Before his season airs, I’m Googling hot pics of him trying to learn everything I can about this man because I love him so much. That means finding out his age (he’s 28), height (he’s 5’11), and WTF he does for a living. So what is Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s job? Here’s everything we know about his career.

What Is Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s Job? His Career Explained

Have you noticed there are ummm, QUITE A LOT of tennis puns? There’s a reason for that, babe. The Bachelor’s ABC bio (when he competed on Charity’s season) stated he was a tennis pro from Lawaui, Hawaii. He moved there after realizing “the corporate world wasn’t for him” and how teaches his favorite sports to others who want to learn to play. If only I could quit my corporate job and go to Hawaii to teach others how to lie on the beach and drink Piña coladas, my true passion. However, now he’s back in Philly (where he’s from originally) to find love with his potential new GF/fiancée/wife.

Before he said fuck it to corporate America, he apparently worked in Tennessee as a sales development representative at Comdata from August 2020 to May 2021. Upon further investigation, it looks like he worked at Paylocity as an account executive from May 2021 to October 2021.

What Happened Between Joey And Charity Again?

Kk, quick recap: Bachelorette Charity ended up (obviously) choosing current boyfriend Dotun Olubeko in the end, but was still heartbroken to end things with our now leading man.

“Seeing Joey was not easy, and saying goodbye was really hard for me,” Charity told People magazine in August 2023 while reflecting on their split. “The emotions just overcame me, rightfully so. Throughout this whole journey for me, saying goodbye to anyone was not an easy thing to do, but especially at that point when you have formed some connection, that was difficult for me. I don’t want to be the person that has to contribute to someone else’s pain, but it was necessary.”

However, she’s rooting for her runner-up and hope he finds his happy ending, too. “We truly wish him nothing but the best,” Charity said after it was announced Joey would be the new Bachelor on her season’s After the Final Rose. “We saw how much of a lover boy Joey is and how much he wants his person. I do believe that he is going to have no problem finding that. He is an incredible person. We’re both rooting for him and rooting for his success.”

LOVER BOY JOEY. I’m sobbing already. If any of these ladies break his heart, I’ll break their nails.

When Does Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor Season Start?

You can watch Joey start his journey to find love (aka season 28 of The Bachelor) on January 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET! AKA TONIGHT!!!! See y’all there xoxo.

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