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The Way I Am Shipping Ciara And West With Everything I Have

I know what you’re thinking: Ciara is way out West’s league. Okay, but most women I know are out of most men’s leagues, to be fair. Plus, it’s the chemistry and connection that really matters. I’m aware that Ciara is a literal model and ICU nurse, but West offers his Midwestern charm and jokes! Seriously though, I think there’s real potential here. Right off the bat, West and Ciara feel like they could eventually date. These two Summer House stars had such natural banter and affectionate vibes. They low-key made me miss having a crush.

With the intense breakdown of Lindsay and Carl’s engagement, the stressful tension between Kyle and Amanda, and the god-awful fuckboy energy that is Jesse, I need to have a little bit of hope for this summer. So, I’m shipping Ciara and West with my whole soul. After all, a little manifestation goes a long way. I feel very confident that I’m influencing their relationship by talking to them through my TV and writing this.

Short Kings Deserve A Chance

West on Summer House
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Short kings are constantly getting overlooked on dating apps, at the bars, and even in Southampton. Say what you want about men 5’9″ and under, but since they can’t rely on their height to attract people, they have to have different impressive qualities. The short gene builds character! I’m talking humor, hygiene, fashion, basic kindness… the list goes on. Despite the fact that I instinctually never swipe right on short men, I’ve apparently decided to start a movement to support them.

West Only Has Eyes For One Woman

A one-woman man! The dream! Imagine that. While the other newbie in the house, Jesse, is ready to start lots of drama and probably flirt with every woman there, West is totally focused on Ciara. It was pretty much love at first sight for him, and he finds every opportunity to impress her and make her laugh. Aww. Not to mention, she’s single, so it’s actually appropriate. He may be on an especially cringe Bravo show, but my man is a hopeless romantic.

Ciara Seems Like She’s Into It


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Okay, I know she said last episode that she wasn’t really feeling it, but Ciara does seem to light up around West a little? She’s always giggling and smiling when they interact. It could be a slow burn case on her end… they did, like, just meet. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see if the platonic connection evolves into a sexual and/or romantic one. Anyways, I’m the official captain of team #Ciest. (Westara?)

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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