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A Running List Of Every Red Flag We See From Carl And Lindsay On 'Summer House'

I completely understand why Summer House‘s Carl and Lindsay called off their marriage. What’s stumping me is how they lasted for two years before that. These people do not seem to enjoy each other, like, at all? In season 8, Carl appears to be in a more chill, assured headspace, vibing with the sober life. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s insecurity and stress levels are at an all-time high after the messy drama from the previous year. Apparently, she has no issue taking that out on him. The whole situation has forced me to learn more breathing exercises.

Sure, probably no one expected Carl and Lindsay to be the great love story of our time… it would be rather wild if the great love story of our time happened at that cursed Southampton house. However, I wouldn’t be a true historian-anthropologist-psychologist if I didn’t take notes on the timeline of their split and study it carefully. As an expert in the field(s), I’ve identified several red flags in Carl and Lindsay’s relationship from season 8 episode 2 alone. Fair warning: You will likely be triggered by this list.

Carl Threatened To Stop Calling Lindsay Babe

After Carl played some hoops, he sat down for a bizarre chat with Lindsay. He called her “babe” and then randomly said, “I’m not gonna say ‘babe’ this summer. I’m gonna say ‘dude.'” She did not like that at all. “Do you really care what people think about you?” Lindsay asked him. When he called the comment a “joke,” she clarified that it “didn’t work.” Yeah, some weird tension going on.

Carl Did Not Seem Excited About Their Upcoming Wedding

During that same conversation, Lindsay brought up the wedding and their future together. She pointed out that their wedding was coming up in two months, and Carl’s face looked… panicked? Horrified? Shocked? Definitely not excited. Then, when she suggested she might be pregnant next summer, he literally winced. In his confessional, he admitted, “We absolutely have our shit.” I’d say so.

Lindsay Victimized Herself After Not Liking His Response To Her Anxiety

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Ugghhh, this made me crazy. Lindsay was feeling insecure about being in the car with the guys, not the one with the girls. She expressed that to Carl, and it seems like he tried to briefly calm her down. Evidently, she really wanted him to validate those feelings and snapped when he didn’t. Everyone could tell she was in a bad mood, and she broke down in tears. “Something’s going on with him,” she said. “I hate him… He’s such a fucking piece of shit.” That escalated fast.

Lindsay Called Her Sober Fiancé “Cocaine Carl” On National Television

A bold move indeed! Carl literally said, “I’m finally coming into my own as a sober person.” And then as soon as Lindsay got frustrated with him over something relatively minor, she called him “Cocaine Carl” and insisted that he must be “on something.” Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. He was not on anything and sounded 1,000% sober on the phone. “It’s fucked up,” he told the camera. “That’s the person I’m supposed to marry?” Foreshadowing…

Lindsay Claimed That They Were Only Having Sex “Once Every Couple Of Weeks”

Oh dear. While chatting with Amanda and Paige, Lindsay shared that she and Carl do get intimate, but only once every few weeks. She explained that he “doesn’t even initiate” it, but it’s “like, such good sex” when it happens. Hmmm. Confusing… and not exactly screaming “healthy.”

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