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Who's That Tall New Hot Guy On This Season Of 'Summer House'?

Season 8 of Summer House will be gracing our televisions on February 22, and although it’s iced-beverage weather on the show, the tea is hot AF. Needless to say, I will be sat. This summer at the Southampton house promises a whole lot of tension between exes Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard, a messy-looking Fourth of July party, and a brand new, extremely hot cast member, Jesse Solomon. As someone who’s clearly not afraid to stir shit up, Jesse seems like the perfect addition to the Bravo classic.

In one sneak peek clip, he cheekily asks Kyle Cooke at the July 4 party, “Am I supposed to only hit on the single girls?” I suppose breaking up relationships is one way to celebrate Independence Day. Apparently, Jesse’s never watched a Bravo show before, but he did check out this one ahead of time just to see what he was getting himself into. So, what exactly is the deal with Jesse? We have all the details on the flirty Summer House star including his job, Instagram, and his multiple red flags.

What Is Jesse Solomon’s Age?


🚨New guy alert🚨 Meet Jesse on an all-new season of #SummerHouse February 22nd!

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Jesse is 30 years old, and there’s no doubt he’s Millennial core. Example 1: In his intro video, he said that one of his favorite emojis is the crying laughing emoji (strike one) and then emphasizes, “[That’s] so stinkin’ silly! We like to have a goood time!” (Strikes two through five.)

What Is Jesse Solomon’s Job?

The good news is that he’s employed. However, Jesse works in Investor Relations, which tells me pretty much all I need to know.

What Is Jesse Solomon’s Instagram?


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You can find the new Summer House cast member on Insta at @jessesols. Expect to see a lot of photos of him and the boys in gorgeous settings. Scrolling through his feed, you can tell this tall, tan, preppy man was born to be the center of drama in the Hamptons.

Where Is Jesse Solomon From?

He’s originally from Chicago but currently lives in New York City, obvi.

What Are Jesse Solomon’s Red Flags?


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According to his bio, Jesse is “single and ready to mingle.” Yes, that much is clear. Apparently, “he’s never had an issue with the ladies and doesn’t plan to start now, regardless of their relationship status.” Watch out, Summer House girlies. Personally, I would also argue that never having seen a Bravo show is a red flag. He has no desire to educate himself on human nature and the human condition? Ugh. Plus, I think the fish pic speaks for itself.

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