Claudia Oshry Credits This Procedure With Her Confidence

Although you’re a flawless betch, it’s hard to be fearless all the time. So, this week on our Diet Starts Tomorrow podcast, our special guest was Claudia Oshry, better known as Girl With No Job. She talked about how she stays confident. Even though she has insecurities, Claudia never lets those take over her life. What started as a blog to b*tch out her co-workers after she lost her job has now evolved into a legit career. Here are some of our favorite moments from talking with Girl With No Job. Listen to the full episode below, because we promise, we didn’t even scratch the surface of the funny and insightful stuff she said.

  • The first time Claudia sharted was at fat camp because she ate two laxative popsicles and got way too excited over winning color war
  • You’ll never get over the nerves of putting yourself out there, but it does get easier
  • Understand that your haters might think they’re right, but then you need to remember they’re wrong and f*cking stupid
  • If you pretend to love yourself you’ll honestly start feeling it—Claudia’s been faking it since the fourth grade and look where she is now
  • Claudia loves getting messages that are positive, especially when people say “I love how ugly you look here”—she gets it
  • If you want to be serious on Instagram, buy a ring light
  • The power stance has been proven not to work, but like, it does for Claudia
  • Self-deprecating jokes can seriously help build confidence (it’s like, being self-aware)
  • She got surgery that changed her confidence (sorry, you’ll have to listen to find out exactly what it was). But now she’s unstoppable so clearly it worked.

Listen to the full episode of Diet Starts Tomorrow to hear everything Claudia had to say.

Check out the full Diet Starts Tomorrow podcast and order our new book When’s Happy Hour? because Girl With No Job loves it (peep her on the back cover). To keep up with Claudia, check out her Instagram and podcasts. You can also buy tickets for her stand-up shows here.