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Bed Bug Hive, Rejoice: Ciara Is Finally Out Of The Trenches

It’s easy to forget now that half the cast is pushing 40, but Summer House was once a show about sexy young singles breaking up and making up beachside, every weekend in The Hamptons. We’re seeing a whole lot less of the making up than the breaking up on the show lately, but (in addition to Jesse Solomon bringing us the harmless fuckboy sexual tension this cast so desperately needs) there is one duo whose summer lovin’ is lighting up our screens. I was the first to doubt West and Ciara would become a thing mainly because West comes off as a really nice guy and “respectful, employable human male” didn’t seem to align with her dating type.

But after Ciara couldn’t stop smiling on their first date (even with West wearing a mesh top straight from Hannah Horvath’s closet in 2013) I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. So how did it happen and are West and Ciara still together? Here’s everything about West and Ciara’s budding romance, keeping us young amidst the chaos.

Ciara’s Previous Summer Flings

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Talking about Austen Kroll scares me because I fear much like Bloody Mary saying his name too many times may cause him to appear, so I’ll try to keep this short. Austen was in a weird FWB situation with Lindsay and an even stranger superficial relationship with Olivia on Southern Charm, but he didn’t let either stop him from selling Ciara a dream of how cute they could be together in a class clown/hot girl set-up that really only one of them could hold up their end of the bargain on. Thankfully, after he played in her face horrifically at two separate reunions and on three different Bravo series, she cut him off. Only to move on to thirsting after the pearl-necklaced wonder, Austen and Craig’s equally emotionally stunted bestie, Kory. Again thankfully, at least for Ciara, Kory set his sights on sweet little Sam instead, proving that when God closes a door he opens a window to not having scrub pictures of yourself cuddling a man in a scoop-necked tunic from the internet.

How Did Ciara and West Meet?

West and Ciara's First Date
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I love to give credit where it’s due, and the casting folks for this season of Summer House made some excellent decisions including dumping Mya, adding Jesse Solomon, and of course including the gent in question, West Wilson. From the moment West walked through the door he charmed the group with his sense of humor and well-kempt mustache and almost immediately bee-lined for Ciara. (Ladies take note, that is the only energy you should accept in 2024). By the third episode West had convinced the once-bitten-twice-shy nurse/model to give him a shot and things have been steadily heating up since their first date.

Why It Works

West Wilson
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West is the affable fan favorite (for those in the room and us watching at home) that Ciara clearly thought she was getting with A*st*n without the casual disregard for women as a whole this time. As she said in a recent episode she likes a “goober” not a Sex God (which explains why she didn’t give Jesse a second glance… I guess), and West provides that without continuing the clownery in his personal life. Above all else, he’s willing to follow her lead by taking it slow while making it plain as day he’s into her for everyone to see. Though they’re far from official, I could actually see this working out even after the tan lines fade.

Are Ciara and West Still Together?

West and Ciara in the 'Summer House'
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To my previous point, they’re not yet official, even in the show timeline, but West was recently asked how he spent this past Valentine’s Day. Ciara had hinted at a double date — was he her other half for the night? West wouldn’t spill the beans to Page Six but his coy non-responses hint that it’s def not over between the pair. I hope by the time the reunion airs they’re able to confirm ye or nay, if for no other reason than to slow the expectedly large influx of thirst DMs West is having to dodge on IG.

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