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Everything We Know About Carl's Current Dating Life

Even though Lindsay and Carl aren’t the only Summer House couple at odds this season, they’re currently the only ones officially broken up since Carl called off their wedding in the eleventh hour last summer. Now that nearly a whole year has passed (hopefully one full of therapeutic breakthroughs, Barry’s Boot Camp endorphins, and frosty dirty martinis tossed back at girls’ night, respectively), the question must be asked. Carl may be single — but is he ready to mingle? Sure, Lindsay kept their $13K a month Manhattan pad, but the loverboy is still a very eligible bachelor nonetheless. Prior to his hurried engagement to Hubbhouse, Carl was unequivocally a man about town. So is Carl going on dates again and if so, with whom? Let’s discuss.

How Long Has Carl Been Single?

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard while engaged
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Lindsay confirmed on a Sept. 14 Instagram post that Carl had pulled the plug on jumping the broom late in August, dangerously close to their destination wedding. This means that it’s been seven months of single life for the both of them, with Carl of course having a little more lead time on his future relationship status since he’s the one who “ripped Lindsay’s entire life and future from underneath her.”

Is Carl Dating Now?

Carl and Trishelle on 'WWHL'
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Andy Cohen got down to brass tax during Carl’s recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, asking if Carl was dating anyone new following the dust from his dramatic break-up settling. Carl revealed that currently, he was intentionally avoiding dating in order to prioritize work and family. He did add, however, that he might be open to dating in the next few months. So ladies, if you’re looking to shoot your shot, maybe set your thirst calendars for June.

Carl’s Romantic Future


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Once the “confusion” from watching his most serious relationship unravel on screen dissipates, Carl has said he’s looking for someone stable, supportive of his career, and compatible with his sober lifestyle (which makes sense because he’s also low-key/high-key outgrown Summer House). We wish Carl the best of luck with his search and considering he’s currently crashing a very romantic couples trip with Amanda and Kyle in Portugal as their third wheel, perhaps love is already in the air? If not, idk, just spitballing here… is The Bachelor totally out of the question?

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