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Every Clue We Have About The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 10 Cast

Sadly, season 28 of The Bachelor has come to an end, so my depression has kicked in hardcore. I’m thrilled for Jelsey, of course, but it’s time to focus on a new obsession. Fortunately, there’s never a long wait for the next Bachelor Nation show, and lots of excellent ones are coming up. Yes, I’m surprised that Jenn’s the next bachelorette (WTF happened to Maria??), but I’m super excited to see her season. Not to mention, I will be sat and channeling dramatic, hopeless romantic grandma energy for The Golden Bachelorette.

But what the hell is going on with Bachelor In Paradise season 10? ABC has been real quiet about the show, which is one of my personal faves of their oeuvre, and I have questions. To ease my anxiety, I did extensive research on the status of BIP and the potential season 10 cast. Here are all my findings and predictions…

Season 10 Of Bachelor In Paradise Hasn’t Been Announced Yet

'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 10
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We’re still waiting to see who’s heading to the beach and when… and if the season is even happening. ABC announced both The Bachelorette and The Golden Bachelorette last monthbut have left us wondering about what’s happening with BIP. In December 2023, the bane of my existence, Reality Steve, said on his podcast that he heard ABC might be scrapping the show. This would be devastating news for many of us, but not totally shocking given the ~rough~ results of season 9. Yes, The Golden Bachelorette is set to film over the summer when BIP usually films, but I’m praying that these people know how to multitask.

Women From Joey’s Bachelor Season Have Expressed Interest In BIP


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A few of the season 28 Bachelor stars chatted with Bustle about participating in BIP. “Your girl’s desperate, so, we’ll try anything at this point,” Madina joked. Maria also seemed open to the opportunity. During an interview with Us Weekly, Rachel didn’t rule it out. “I am open to whatever feels right in the moment,” she said. “As of right now, I’m enjoying everything settling down.” Justice for all of them, TBH. I’d love to see this trio get into some Paradise drama. And if Maria joins the cast, maybe her Bachelor besties, sisters Lauren and Allison will too.

Bachelor Producers Want To Do A Golden Bachelor In Paradise

'Golden Bachelor In Paradise'
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Maybe a Golden BIP is the priority? Producer Jason Ehrlich shared with Variety that they’d “love” to do that at some point. “I mean, how fun would it be to see single men and women in their 60s and 70s on the beach or in the Bachelor pad or somewhere, hanging out and falling in love?” he said. Yeah, I’ll definitely be tuning in.

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