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Ayo Edebiri Is My New Favorite Parasocial Relationship

Ayo Edebiri is the people’s princess. From her work as an ugly, untalented gay in Bottoms to her fire omelet-making skills in The Bear, we couldn’t escape her in 2023 — not that we’d want to!! Now, in 2024 she’s won her first Golden Globe, Critics Choice, and Emmy all in one week. I can’t even put away clean laundry within a week, so impressed is an understatement.  

Besides her incredible talent and acting chops, the charismatic star is so damn likable. She’s the betch that everyone thinks, “We’d be best friends!” I went through my own period of this with Emma Stone circa 2010. (Easy A had me in a chokehold.) So, if you haven’t already formed a parasocial relationship with her like everybody else, here are Ayo’s most relatable moments from the Emmys that will have you blurting out, “She’s so me!”

Ayo’s Shout Out To Her Parents 

Ayo Edebiri won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and proceeds to not take herself seriously at all. In her short and sweet speech, she dunks on herself for being a “bad kid” for not letting her parents sit too close to her at the ceremony while sandwiching in gratitude for their support of her career.

“Probably not like a dream to immigrate to this country and have your child be like, “I want to do improv,” but, uh, you’re real ones!” followed by a finger gun. The finger gun is important because it is the calling card of every awkward thespian who graced the halls of high school. 

Ayo Is Here For The Benefits Package 

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At the pre-show ahead of the Emmy Awards, Ayo was asked what her younger self would think of where she is now. “She didn’t dream of nights like this. She sort of dreamed of just, like, dental insurance,” Edebiri said. A truer answer has never been said. The girl grinds at night! I know 10-year-old me would also care more about braces than an award ceremony. Orthodontics was the dream!! 

“We’ve got dental, we’ve got eye [insurance], we’ve got ear. We can go to the dermatologist,” she continued. And because she cares about others, she advised viewers to get that annual check-up on the cal. “Check your moles, people. Wear sunscreen, even if you’re Black, and check your moles.” 

Ayo Has A Landlord 

After receiving three major awards within the span of a single week, Vanity Fair asked Ayo how she stays grounded. Her answer? “I’m still renting, sooo…” Turns out awards don’t equate to property ownership. First order of business, she should probably melt that gold down for cash. Now that would be relatable.  

Ayo Won’t Let Go Of The Bit 

In case you weren’t aware, Ayo is Irish. And in case that went over your head, you’re not chronically online like the rest of us losers. Basically, in an interview for Letterboxd in April, Ayo claimed to have played Jenny the Donkey in The Banshees of Inisherin. The viral bit went so far that the country itself celebrated Ayo’s Golden Globe victory as if she was actually Irish. And if you don’t find that hilariously relatable then you clearly don’t hide behind New Jersey and/or British accents when you’re nervous on dates.

Well, Ayo gets it. (Probably that improv beast in her.) She continued to maintain the bit on the Emmys red carpet. “Shout out to my people! Shout out to Derry! Shout out to Cork! Shout out to Killarney! Shout out to Dublin!” 

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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