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It's Time To Put Some Respect On Austin Butler's Name

Personally, I always knew that Austin Butler was gonna do great things after his slay performances in Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure and The Carrie Diaries. The man has a real gift for embodying both charming and horrifying men. Despite his recent *serious* acting roles in Elvis, Dune: Part II, and more, the people of the internet still love to mock Vanessa Hudgens’ poor ex with endless memes and videos. Sure, his voice did change after Elvis, but movie lovers should be thanking him for that! I dare you to find another man who commits as much to a wildly problematic rockstar or a nightmarish Harkonnen. (No, I did not sleep a wink after that three-hour journey… can someone check on Kaia Gerber?)

Austin, who’s 32 now, has been working his way up in this business for nearly 20 years. This heartthrob understands his strengths, always tries to challenge himself, and possibly cares more about characters’ personalities than his own. So, I’m begging you: Don’t let it go unrecognized! As a nation and as an internet, it’s past time we show Austin the respect he deserves.

Austin Butler Is Versatile

One thing about Austin is he’s gonna switch it up and keep everyone on their toes. I mean, he’s conquered Disney, Warner Brothers, The CW, Baz Luhrmann, and more. It’s kind of iconic that he’s had success with such a wide range of genres. If you give Austin literally any kind of character, he’ll find a way to transform into them with every part of his physicality. (The bald Feyd-Rautha look and his Harkonnen snarl had me gagged at the movie theater.)

Austin Butler Is Not A Nepo Baby

Austin Butler
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He’s achieved all his success without family connections, unlike so many of our faves! (With respect, looking at you, Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber, and… well, a million others.) Austin just got kinda lucky one day. When he was 13, he was discovered at the Orange County Fair and spent some time taking acting classes before getting his first jobs in 2005. We gotta respect an actor who made it in Hollywood pretty much on his own merits.

Austin Butler’s Work Ethic Makes Me Tired

Austin was completely focused on becoming Elvis for two years. I think I’d call it a day after listening to “Hound Dog” and googling Graceland. “It was such a huge chunk of my life that I was doing nothing else, so there are certain parts of it, which will be infused in my DNA,” he told Deadline, adding, “I’m able to give myself over to the obsession of each role.” I’m rooting for him and his obsessive acting always <3.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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