Grandpacore, Western Gothic, and Other 2024 Fashion Trends That Have Us Saying WTF

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With only a few weeks away before your most annoying friend nonconsensually shares her New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to consider what the “New Year, New You” will look like. I mean, if side parts are coming back, all hell is about to break loose. 

Sure, you can march to the beat of your own drum, but I prefer to fold to societal pressure. It’s not only easier but gives me an excuse to maintain my shopping addiction. Also, there’s a certain smugness I enjoy by whipping out, “That’s actually in right now,” like I’m a goddamn Vogue editor. 

And unlike in middle school, where trends were foretold through perky 13-year-olds named Jessica, there’s actual data to predict what will be big in 2024. From SS24 runway collections to the global analysis of Pinterest Predicts, it’s easier than ever to figure out how to dress to impress Gen Z

So, if your closet is ready for a fresh start (for the love of god, throw out those yoga pants!!!! There is a massive hole in the crotch) or just want to judge the state of the fashion industry, I’ve gathered the 2024 trends to expect next year alongside iconic fits to shop to fit in.    


Boomers might actually be at the forefront of fashion trends for the first time since the Great Depression ended. It’s time to raid your eclectic grandpa’s closet for retro streetwear, chic cardigans, and customized denim jackets. If you’re thinking, my grandpa does not own any of these things, then I’m sorry you have a lame grandpa. Good luck getting emotionally abused by a Buffalo Exchange employee. 

Twins Multicolored Leather Loafers for Women

Ganni Logo Wool Mix Vest

Apple Linen-Mix Mini Skirt

Lose The Pants 

If you were aghast at the naked dress trend then the no-pants look may not be for you. But if less-is-more is your mantra, then the take-off-your-pants trend is right up your alley. The key is focusing on cute undies and/or fun tights to wear under a sheer skirt.

Beaded Embroidered Shorts

I Like Big Bows And I Cannot Lie   

Big accessories are in! Think giant scrunchies and chunky hoops. But mostly, think bows. Bows will get bigger, bolder, and puffier (?!) next year. And while bows look great in braids, don’t limit them to your hair. Bow necklaces, earrings, heels, and even Christmas tree ornaments have taken over. (Am I afraid of bows now?)   

Oversized Satin Bow Hair Clip
 $14.50 (was $29.50)

Mega Maxi Skirts 

Bows aren’t the only items going big or going home. Ball gown-esque maxi skirts will make an entrance in 2024. Pair it with a corset and you’re basically reenacting Pride & Prejudice (2005). Keira Knightley will have nothing on you.  

Emilia Full Skirt

Blue Beauty

Paint your eyelids in cerulean, baby! Blue makeup was a ‘60s and ‘80s staple and it’s coming back for 2024. From aquamarine eyeliner to blueberry nails, expect to feel blue next year.  

MAC Eye Shadow in Triennial Wave
 $17.25 (was $23)

Badminton Aesthetic

Step aside, pickleball, badminton will be the hottest picnic sport in 2024. According to Pinterest, searches for “badminton outfits” have skyrocketed. But it doesn’t stop there, preppy polos and rugby shirts are also breaking out of athleticwear and into high fashion. If this gives you gym class flashbacks, I’m right there with you.  

Bandier Cornell Crewneck With Badminton Graphic

Denim Scraps 

In a push for the fashion sustainability movement, DIY outfits will be taken to the next level. Leftover fabric scraps from sewing projects will be reused to transform basic tees into unique pieces. Of course, this would require knowing how to sew — 2024 resolution, anyone? For those of us who already abandoned a million hobbies, designers are taking the shredding technique to the runway. 

Elan Patchwork Shirt Jacket
 $82 (was $164)

Western Gothic 

Cowboy boots took over 2023 and they’re here to stay. (Thank god because I spent far too much money on mine.) The western gothic aesthetic is characterized by black cowboy hats, black cowboy boots, really black everything. Think vintage americana with deep, moody hues. 

Reformation Olive Western Boot
 $298 (was $498)

Lack Of Color The Mirage Hat

Hot Metals  

I’ll say it: Beyoncé single-handedly brought silver tones back from the dead with her Renaissance tour. Sadly, that means saying goodbye to the warmth of our favorite gold accessories. But hello to chrome phone cases, aluminum furniture, metal corsets, and silver stacked chains.    

Rebdolls Lena Metallic Wide Leg Cargo Pants

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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