Carrie Bradshaw's Most Iconic Outfits From 'Sex And The City' And Where To Shop Them

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As someone who considers Carrie Bradshaw one of my top style inspirations, the hardest part of writing this article was cutting down the number of outfits I was going to include. Asking me to pick a favorite Carrie look would be like asking her to pick her favorite pair of Manolos. Although the show premiered 25 years ago (are you feeling ancient yet?), viewers have learned some important lessons on love, sex, friendship, and of course, fashion, that are still relevant in 2023. Whether she was rocking a fur coat at a baseball game, going pantsless the morning after a rendezvous with Mr. Big, or pairing her aforementioned Manolo collection with athletic shorts, Carrie’s looks were always totally original and carried off with (sometimes unreasonable) self-confidence. In her honor, I picked out some of my favorite outfits and found the best lookalikes, so you can finally free your inner Carrie.

1. The Fur Coat & Python Boots


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In one of my favorite looks of the third season, Carrie finds Bill Kelley, a city politician, waiting for her on her stoop. Yes, this is the guy who famously dumped her after she wouldn’t agree to pee on him. I’m just going to leave that there and proceed to the clothes. The magic of Carrie’s style is that she could pull together the most random articles of clothing you’d ever seen, and it just WORKED. If you’re up to this expert-level maximalism, you can recreate this look with a preppy plaid mini, a romantic, Y2K-inspired blouse, killer snakeskin boots, and of course, your own faux fur coat (which, per Carrie’s instruction, you can wear everywhere and with anything).

Shop it: Katrina Faux Fur Coat, $279, Revolve

Shop it: Maryana Boot, $258, Schutz


2. The Little Black (Or Gray?) Dress


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Gray, charcoal, black, same color family, different shades. In season two, she donned this for two lunch dates. The first was with a boyfriend’s family, and later after the abrupt breakup, she wore the dress to meet up with the rest of the crew to talk sh*t about it. LBDs are usually seen as an easy go-to for a cocktail party or date night, but the power of a casual LBD is on full display here. To achieve Carrie’s level of nonchalant hotness, opt for a soft, slinky dress over a more bodycon option, and top it off with the most classic shades known to man.

Shop it: Out From Under ‘90s Tank Top Midi Dress, $39, Urban Outfitters

Shop it: Ray-Ban RB3025 Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $163, Amazon

3. The Floral Dress You Might Fall Into A Lake In


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Carrie wore this to meet Big at The Loeb Boathouse where they both accidentally fell into the filthy lake. Talk about a kiss gone wrong…and a ruined Dior purse. With the resurgence of Y2K styles in recent years, you have plenty of options to achieve this effortlessly romantic vibe. My personal faves include this lilac option from Mango, this stunner via ASOS, or this sexier (but still very Carrie) number by Jaded London

Shop it: Ever New ruffle Midi Dress, $57.30, Asos

4. The Hamptons Hoedown


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When the girls head out to the Hamptons, you know the summer-style inspiration is going to be good, and Carrie’s mismatched looks always stood out from the preppy crowd. Granted, the cowboy hat in this particular ensemble was on brand for the Hoedown-themed party, but the bandeau bra and mismatched prints still brought Carrie’s unique twist. I will definitely be recreating this look for a night by the beach with this snakeskin bikini top, this crochet striped skirt (worn low-waisted to keep the ‘fit more relaxed), and a red cowboy hat, of course.

Shop it: Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit, $27.89, Amazon

Shop it: Flook Crochet Stripe Skirt, $196, Free People

Shop it: Red Western Toyo Hand Crocheted Cowgirl Hat, $33.95, Amazon

5. The White Tutu That Started It All


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I can’t wrap this up without including the iconic tutu you see as soon as you start a new episode. Would one ever wear a tutu while running errands on a day that’s not Halloween? Maybe not, but if you think it might be a fun look to try as it gets warmer outside, you’re in luck. Bold as it is, this might be Carrie’s most easily copied look since there are a plethora of white tutus and pink tank tops to choose from on Amazon. For the best possible results, choose a tutu with enough volume to conceal your underwear (but not so much that you look like a Toddlers In Tiaras star) and the most casual tank top you can find to contrast with the costumey skirt.

Shop it: Carrie Tutu Skirt, $140, Patricia Field Art Fashion

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