WFH Essentials That Will Pretty Much Guarantee You'll Never Have To Leave The House

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I’m not going to lie, once the temps hit anything below 60 degrees, I never want to leave the house. Considering it’s literally November next week, we can expect those days to come quickly and without warning. And for those of my fellow WFH or hybrid girlies, I think I speak for all of us when I say there’s nothing better than a cozy and comforting environment in your home office during the cold months while fighting the urge to write, “per my last email” to the co-worker who’s just not it. And while I hate bragging (LOL, yeah right) I’ve got to say, I think I’ve got pretty much the perfect home office setup.

Not only does this setup guarantee I never have to leave the house during the day, but it also makes me never want to leave my desk. Which, if you have a corporate job, you know it’s nearly impossible to get away from it anyway. Plus, something has got to give you a spark of joy during the months of seasonal depression—might as well make it the place you spend most of your day. So, if you’re a fellow WFH girlie dying for a good setup, keep reading. I’ve got you covered with the perfect essentials for those cold months in the office. And by in the office, I mean the standing desk conveniently located in my kitchen.

The perfect chair for those who can’t sit still

The only regret I have is not buying this chair sooner. Not only is it comfy as all get out, but it’s spacious and allows me to sit the way the 5-year-old in me wants to (aka criss-cross applesauce). I feel like it keeps my ADD at bay by allowing me to fidget however often I need. Helps that it’s nice to look at too.

PUKAMI Armless Office Desk Chair

An under-desk walking pad so you can get your steps in indoors

IDK what I’d do without this thing—it’s allowed me to be mindful about movement while also feeling productive and getting my work done. Listen, I’m no professional but IMO I’m way more focused when I’m walking and working. That might just be because I’m focusing on not falling but a win is a win. If you’re curious to hear more, I wrote a play-by-play on how much I love it.

Sperax Walking Pad And Under Desk Treadmill
 $239.99 (was $299.99)

A motorized standing desk so you can *actually* use said walking pad

Think it goes without saying you need to be able to stand up to walk, and this desk has been an absolute lifesaver. I love that I can be lazy and just push a button to raise and lower it. Also, I feel like sometimes it’s nice to just stand while working? IDK, just trust me.

SHW Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This personal space heater is everything

Sometimes you just need to heat things up a little…literally. This little thing will certainly do the trick. It’s perfectly sized for your home office space and is quiet enough that it won’t completely ruin the audio in your Zoom meetings (even though you’ll forget you’re on mute anyway).

Dreo Space Heater
 $35.99 (was $39.99)

Don’t underestimate the power of a blanket

You know the cardigan you kept at the office for occasions when the AC was blowing too hard or the temps outside were legit scary? This is the at-home version of that. Sure, it doesn’t look super profesh but who cares when you can slip it on and off between meetings? The fact that it has armholes is game-changing.

The Original Comfy

Cold coffee? Never

Okay, so the coffee isn’t free at home so you’re going to need to savor every last drop. That’s where this Ember Mug comes into play. It keeps your coffee from going cold and honestly blends so well into the aesthetic. And yes, it’s a little pricey, so maybe you put this on your holiday gift list this year because I guarantee you’ll be craving hot coffee when it’s snowing outside.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

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