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All The Shit I Have So I Don’t Freeze My Ass Off Commuting To My Corporate Job

I’m sad to say this, but winter is here whether we want it or not. The weather apps are screaming “Hi, it’s cold!!!” with temperatures that are borderline criminal and I can honestly say I’m not here for it. And for all my first-year corporate girlies who haven’t experienced getting dressed to brace for the cold, don’t fret, consider me your winter fairy godmother—I have the ultimate list of lifesavers for commuting to work in the cold for you. Including the perfect sweaters to keep at work (you’re welcome).

And fair warning, some of these may seem basic, but we tend to forget about the cold weather essentials that make the frigid weather a tiny bit less miserable. Plus, it’s best to stock up now during the post-holiday sales so you won’t have to trek to the mall in subzero temps. 

Gloves that’ll keep you scrolling 24/7

Gloves are crucial, especially the touchscreen ones. You do not want to show up to work with numb fingers and the inability to type. Your inbox drowning in emails needs responses!

Women’s Etip™ Recycled Gloves

Trust me, your feet will get cold

Do not even attempt to put on your Hanes socks unless you plan on hobbling into the office. Thick socks are the move and honestly, sometimes I even double-sock it.

Uniqlo Heattech Pile-Lined Half Socks

Not only are warm socks a must, but fleece lined boots might save your life too.

Lined Chunky Chelsea Leather
 $149 (was $229)

Go thick or go home

Wool trousers are necessary because the paper thin ones just won’t cut it with freezing temperatures and extreme wind.

Wide-leg Tailored Wool Pants

Like an onion (and Shrek), we should all have layers

Have you ever experienced the cold wind going through your pants? It’s not enjoyable. Layering leggings will prevent you from enduring the pain and suffering from the wind. 

Uniqlo Heattech Ultra Warm Leggings

The same goes for a long sleeve under everything. Layering is key — we might think our thick sweater saves all, but unfortunately, it does not.

Uniqlo Heattech Cotton Crew Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Speaking of layers — unlike the Taylor Swift song, don’t leave your cardigan under your bed

As stated above, layering is a must and that’s why cardigans come in handy. Having a these sweaters will help make dressing in the morning easier.

Long Cardigan Duster
 $29 (was $84.95)

Free People Found My Friend Cardi

Oversized Knit Cardigan

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Style

You can still look chic while dressing warm. A long black coat is a staple in my closet for the winter.

Isola Melton Hourglass Topcoat
 $325 (was $450)

Sometimes a scarf can get basic, so reach for a balaclava instead.

Maeve Dressy Knit Hood
 $39 (was $78)

Just like how a scarf can get boring, beanies can too. A fuzzy or sherpa bucket hat will keep you warm and spice your outfit up a bit more.

Hat Attack Faux Fur Bucket


Feeling Like A Marshmallow Is Low-Key Essential

Puffers may not be the cutest option and I secretly hate to ride the Super Puff train, but it is probably the warmest jacket I own. Do not feel the need to spend money on a Monclair or Canada Goose when you can get the Aritzia Super Puff which is undeniably warmer for a fraction of the price. They have so many color and length options to choose from which is a plus.

Aritzia The Super Puff Mid

Just Like Moisturizing—Don’t Forget Your Neck

IDK how to stress this enough but, keeping your neck warm is so important. I don’t know the science behind it, but when my neck is warm it makes the chilly weather a little more bearable. It’s good to have the option of a thick or thin scarf.

NA-KD Wide Scarf

GAP CashSoft Scarf


Becca Kang
Becca Kang
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