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Looks Like Schwartzy Has A New GF And It's Not "Spooky Jo"

Tom Schwartz is all about new beginnings these days. He’d like to forget about Tom Sandoval’s affair and bring all the besties back together like nothing ever happened, he’s entering his “machismo” and abs era (plz), and he also has brand new ~romance~ in his life. And no, it’s not Jo Wenberg. Apparently, she really is just a friend these days. If anyone’s still confused about that relationship, he was very clear: She was never his girlfriend. It was literally just a “whirlwind romance.” Understood? Great.

Over the last few months, there’s been evidence to suggest that the TomTom founder is seeing a certain Sophia Skoro. The rumored couple was spotted having dinner together in early February at Laurel Hardware in Los Angeles. Since then, they’ve posted on social media together, and Schwartz has revealed that he’s seeing someone. So, who exactly is the Vanderpump Rules star’s alleged new gf? Let’s get to know Sophia.

Sophia Is A Recent College Grad


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She graduated from the University of Oregon in June 2022, and she’s 23 years old. (So basically, a few years older than Schwartz’s mental age.)

Sophia Is A Vintage Designer Curator


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According to her Insta, Sophia is a vintage designer curator and runs Shop Sosko, which is based in Los Angeles. It’s all making sense now — she must be interested in Tom for his amazing fashion sense. Pop girlie Tate McRae seems to rep Sophia’s shop frequently and is featured on the Insta several times. Sophia is also an associate media planner and strategist for Publicis Groupe’s Agency Zenith, per her LinkedIn. Slay.

They Post TikToks Together



♬ yall r weird under this sound.. – jeilyn 💤

Schwartz making TikToks with a Gen Z is… something I very unfortunately had to see. In early February, Sophia posted a TikTok featuring Tom in a car, mouthing, “Are you stupid?” Then, she runs away from him in the rain in a sped-up, artsy way. I’m dying to know if he had any understanding of what was going on.

The rumored lovebirds most recently shared a playful video from a hotel room in Las Vegas. Ope. Sophia and Schwartz can be seen lip-syncing and dancing to Ayesha Erotica’s “Fuck with Me.” Sophia captioned the video, “YEEHAW.” One wise person in the comments wrote: “Oh honey, you’re about to be so disappointed.”

Tom Hinted At Their Relationship On WWHL

When asked about his dating life in late February, Schwartz offered, “I would say I am not, not dating. I’m hanging out.” Does it get more classic Schwartz than that response? He did not disclose Sophia’s name at the time. “I think she would prefer that I didn’t say, but I’m hanging out,” he said. Well… we’ll just have to see where this “not not dating” goes, I guess.

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