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Who TF Is This Kate Middleton Look-Alike Character, Heidi Agan?

Do I believe that it’s really Kate Middleton in the new video of her supposedly taking a stroll to a farm shop? Well, the social media experts have pointed out that the woman in that video looks younger, is a lot taller than the real Kate, has a totally different walk than the princess, and must actually be a look-alike named Heidi Agan. So, um, I’m less and less convinced that that was a valid sighting. It feels like every comment under clips of the farm video circulating is: “That’s not Kate. That’s Heidi.” As an American, I was understandably like, “Who the hell is Heidi?”

She seems to be very well-known in England as Thee No. 1 Kate Look-Alike. After a bunch of people pointed out that she’s Kate’s doppelganger, Heidi made a whole career out of it — which means there’s a new layer to #KateGate. Could these blurry paparazzi photos and farm shop video really be a body double? As much as we all just want the princess to be well and be found, we can’t put down our detective hats if there’s more to the story. Not to fear: I did some research on this Heidi Agan character and her possible connection to the video.

Who is Heidi Agan?

Heidi Agan
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She’s literally a professional Kate impersonator and apparently has been at it for 12 years. Her Insta username is @katemiddletonlookalike, and in her bio, she claims to be the “most realistic” look-alike. Heidi cosplays as the Princess of Wales at parties, corporate events, and other kinds of gigs. Talk about winning the genetic lottery. And yes, her coworkers impersonate Prince William and their kids. Get that bag, I guess.

Was She Actually The Woman In The Farm Video?

TikTokers are fully convinced that Heidi is the woman in the new video, but she denies it. “My social media has gone crazy since the video emerged,” she told The Mirror, emphasizing, “It wasn’t me. Joking about Kate is one thing, but we need to give her time now and I’m sure she’ll be back after Easter, like what was said in the first place.” I have my doubts about that, TBH. Heidi even pointed out that she has an alibi — she was at work when the video was filmed. (Can someone confirm that??) “I 100 percent believe that is Kate Middleton and William in that video,” she added. “So, she is alive, and we can be sure about it.”

What Has She Said About #KateGate?


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Heidi, a hardcore royalist, isn’t interested in the conspiracy theories and just wants to respect Kate’s privacy right now. “She is a public figure but not public property, and we must respect that,” she told The Mirror. “Since Kate had surgery, I have done gigs where I have walked in and people have said, ‘There’s Kate.’ So, it started as a joke around ‘we’ve found Kate,’ but now it should stop really.” Okay… but does she know where her twin is??

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