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Everything We Know About Joey's Winner (No Spoilers)

It’s been a long Bachelor season of Joey mediating ridiculous arguments, saying “each and every one of you” more times than I can count, and being every woman’s devoted therapist. My tennis king has risen to the challenge and been a respectful, thoughtful Bachelor throughout his time on the show. Siri, play Lady Gaga’s “Applause.” He really does deserve to find The One, and I hope Kelsey, Daisy, or Rachel makes him a happy guy. Obviously I am mourning the exit of Maria, but I also think that was probably for the best. (Enjoy the party I’m sure you’re throwing, Sydney.)

At this point in the season, things are getting extremely real. He’s met the fams and had plenty of steamy makeout sessions with all three of the women. So, who does Joey pick to be his lifelong doubles partner in the end? I’ve spent days overthinking it and keeping a close eye on social media — these are my conclusions.

Joey Seems Most Drawn To Kelsey And Daisy


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Listen, I love Rachel. She is so cool, has her shit together, is great at dancing, and her family’s awesome. But sadly, I just don’t see it with her and Joey. I think he likes her a lot as a person, but he doesn’t look at her the same way that he looks at Kelsey and Daisy. He has effortless romantic chemistry with both of them and treats them like his girlfriends. So, yes, they finally gave lots of brunettes a chance this season, and yet, the blond and the half blond seem to be the front-runners. Sigh.

The Fans Have Their Suspicions About Who The Winner Is


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Many picked the sweet and gorgeous Daisy from the get-go since Joey had an instant connection with her. While lots of fans are still Team Daisy, others are changing their tune — to Kelsey. One TikToker pointed out that Daisy’s recent influencer-style posting could be a sign that she’s vying for Bachelorette. Teeaaa. Others had strong reactions to Kelsey’s recent TikTok post, featuring a hilarious closeup of Joey’s eyes. “No one makes an edit of their man like this unless that’s their man I’m sure of it,” one person commented. Another emphasized, “This is 100% wife behavior I think she wins.” They do say a picture’s worth a thousand hints.

Maria Better Be The Goddamn Bachelorette


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Maria was cast on this season of The Bachelor for a reason: to be the next Bachelorette. With her charm and humor, slightly mysterious and complicated vibe, and passion for being blunt, she was born for the role. As much as I have a soft spot for Joey, I honestly never thought he was right for her. He’s kind and adorable, yes, but she’s the edgy main character. If I don’t see her on my screen come June, people will be hearing from me. (The people of Twitter and everyone who I encounter in person.)

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