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What Actually Happened Between Taylor Swift & Matty Healy? A Breakdown

Apparently, ignoring the existence of Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s relationship doesn’t make it go away. It is indeed a fact that these people had some kind of romance for at least a month in 2023. We literally saw some of it ourselves in TikTok videos that captured Matty singing his heart out to “Lover” and hanging out with Taylor’s dad at Eras Tour shows. Listen, a woman needs a rebound, so we kind of let it slide. Well, a segment of Swifties did. A different segment started a petition to get them to break up.

Anyhoo, we thought that The Tortured Poets Department was gonna be a full album of Joe breakup songs, and that does not seem to be the case. Despite the fact that Taylor and Joe dated for six years and she dated Matty for about a month, the 1975 singer apparently served as a muse. Unfortunately, we need to revisit this relationship. What in the world happened between Taylor and Matty that would inspire Grammy-winning songs? I investigated.

When Did Taylor Swift And Matty Healy Meet?

These two met back in 2014 at a Los Angeles 1975 concert, of course. Taylor went to the show with Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding, and bought some merch that she wore out and about a few days later. She’s really just like us. There were Taylor and Matty dating rumors at that time because he wore 1989 merch on stage and literally said in an interview that he’d date her. Yeah, that’ll spark some rumors.

How Long Did Taylor Swift And Matty Healy Date?


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It was May 2023 when a romance between Taylor and Matty was actually confirmed. The controversial Brit hit up the Eras Tour in Nashville, and he was spotted holding hands with Tay in New York City soon after that. They had something going on for about a month. Stans noticed that at one of Matty’s shows, he mouthed, “This one’s for you. You know who you are. I love you.” And then… Taylor seemed to mouth the same thing at one of her concerts. So like, it was either an intense situationship or a very serious short relationship, I guess?

Why Did Taylor Swift And Matty Healy Break Up?

They were broken up by June, and source told People that she “had fun with him, but it was always casual.” Hmmm. Saying “I love you” on stage does not feel casual.

Is The Tortured Poets Department About Matty Healy?

I fear that’s the word on the street and the dominant theory on Twitter. However they defined things and however long it actually lasted (maybe the reporting was incorrect), this relationship definitely left an impact on our poor girl. As soon as The Tortured Poets Department leaked, the immoral fans who listened to it spilled the tea that he inspired a lot of the tracks. Since we all decided to forget about Matty and focus on Joe, I think we just need some time to process.

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