Do Taylor Swift And Matty Healy Know They're Dating?

Taylor Swift is on the heels of her breakup from Joe Alwyn and is rebounding in the best way possible — a new PR stunt fling with The 1975 frontman Matty Healy. You may have audibly gasped reading reports that they’re already “madly in love,” since it’s been, what, a week? But also because Matty seems like the type of guy who would dump you in a three-page handwritten letter.[/embed]

Look, we all know Taylor notably has a thing for English guys. If your ears can’t listen to “London Boy,” just take a look back at her past romances with Joe, Harry Styles, and Tom Hiddleston. While his accent checks a box, Matty is also a nepo baby gifted musician and songwriter who shares many mutual friends with Taylor, including Jack Antonoff, Phoebe Bridgers, and Halsey (whom, yes, he also briefly dated). 

It all makes so much sense laid out on paper, right? What a hot and trendy couple to talk about! How convenient this news “leaked” on the same day The 1975’s tour ended, so Matty’s schedule is wiiiiiide open. The “anonymous” source, who definitely does not have the title Public Relations Manager, made sure to note that Taylor and Joe actually split in February so there was “no crossover” with Matty. Whew, scandal narrowly avoided!

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Atlanta, GA

Have they been leaving breadcrumbs this whole time? Matty told the crowd at a January concert that he wasn’t going to kiss any fans while “queen” Taylor was present, which is apparently a totally normal thing that happens at his shows. She must’ve been swooning!

Their newfound love is just a little *too* convenient. Keep in mind, all of this information is leaking about notoriously private Taylor, a woman who once hid in a suitcase and crab-walked (on multiple occasions) to her car to avoid paparazzi photos. There are no accidents in the world of Taylor Swift. Stay alert, friends. 

MATTY HEALY taylor swift dating

Matty and Taylor have seemingly been brewing this perfect PR storm for months. Matty revealed in November that The 1975 collaborated with Taylor for a track that was intended for her Midnights album, but it did not make the cut for the final tracklist. Matty said Taylor’s reasoning was “not to be criticized,” but he still spilled the tea about their song after he previously denied the collab ever existed. Pick a lane, sir. 

And remember that concert where Matty couldn’t bear to kiss a stranger in the crowd with Taylor watching? It was also the first time she performed “Anti-Hero” on stage, proving there is crossover in their fandom. 

This is fun! Let’s poke some more holes. They were reportedly “set up” by their mutual pal and producer Jack Antonoff, but Taylor and Matty’s history goes back to 2014 when she met him backstage after attending his concert with Selena Gomez (during her full “squad” era). There were rumors that the two had a brief romance, but Matty recoiled over the speculation at the time, calling the idea of dating Taylor “emasculating.”

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Atlanta, GA

He later claimed his words were taken out of context and being connected to Taylor was “scary.” (Sure, Jan.)

Matty and Taylor will apparently make this contractual obligation public (possibly this weekend) during her Nashville shows. And while, sure, seeing them lovingly walk out on stage while holding hands would make me throw up and probably pass out, it’s not necessary. I don’t need you guys to kiss or write sappy songs about each other. All I’m looking for is a T-Swift and 1975 collab, please and thanks.

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Laura Rizzo Chagani
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