It's The Calm Before The Storm: Weekly Horoscopes For July 16-20

The planets align to make it a pretty mild week. The Sun is in Cancer, Mercury is in Leo, Venus is in Virgo, and Mars is in Aquarius. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, just know this: it’s a chill line-up. It seems fitting that there’s a lot of calm before the storm. Mercury goes back into retrograde on July 25. Enjoy this goddamned peace and quiet while it lasts. Here are your weekly horoscopes for July 16-20:


While things are mostly chill this week, you could be slightly more annoyed than usual if you’re forced to work in a group situation. Lyndsey from marketing might really grind your gears when collaborating on some sort of project that you just want to be done with. Brush up on your bitchy-but-professional email lingo i.e. “As per my last email” and “Thanks in advance”.  She’ll get the message, your project will get done, and you’ll get to leave early on Friday.


A Moon-Neptune opposition in your romance zone will make you dissatisfied with your current relationship status. Single girls will see couples doing couple stuff on Insta and get FOMO. Taken Taurus betches will see all the fun the singles are having doing their summer mingling. Don’t force a relationship or jump the gun on a breakup this week, since those feelings are most likely fleeting.


Logical Mercury as your ruler makes it hard for you to just chill and let the chips fall where they may. This week, you’re in a rush to get it all figured out. Take a f*cking benzo, literally or metaphorically, and let yourself sink into summer vibes without any stress about what’s to come in the future. Making major life decisions can wait until the fall or something.


You continue to be blessed with the Sun in your sign for another week. That combined with a chill alignment of planets means you can continue to live your best life without negative repercussions. You can eat without gaining weight, drink without getting a hangover, and spend all day outside without burning to a crisp. That all changes when Mercury goes into retrograde on the 25th. Make the most of this week while it lasts.


The Sun moves into your sign next week. Until then, you’re staying out of the limelight. You’ll get enough attention all next month, so it’s okay to take a back seat for now. Prepare yourself for how much you’ll be killing the game by hitting the reset button. Get that gel manicure. Make time for an evening skin care routine. Drink lemon water until you feel healthy AF. You’ll be absolutely glowing when that spotlight shines on you for your birthday.


You’re, like, really popular right now, but you still might experience some discontent with where you are in life. Your social calendar will be full in the week ahead, but the Moon in your sign opposing Neptune means you’re likely to focus on what you don’t have. Quit focusing on how you want guac when you have perfectly delicious salsa in front of you. Practice counting your blessings instead of yearning for what’s beyond your reach.


With the Sun at the tip-top of your chart, you’re still receiving a lot of attention. Naturally, you should use this to your advantage. If you want someone to feel like they’re missing out on being with you, whether a potential hookup or an ex, you can pull a Gastby and show off how fun and popular you are by hosting the party. Even if it’s just sending the group text to organize where you’re meeting for happy hour, taking charge and owning the situation will have others fighting to get in your good graces.


Be wary of relying on your own perception this week, especially when it comes to your social circle. Just like when you black out and you need a pal to piece together what happened at the bar, it’s fine to ask a trusted friend for their evaluation of the situation. Neptune is the planet of illusion, and with opposition from the Moon, you might have a bit of a blindspot when it comes to getting the whole picture.


This week is mostly calm for the other signs, but you’ll feel like things are still freaking intense. Every decision you make will seem like life and death. The choice between regular iced coffee and cold brew could leave you in tears—that’s how black-and-white your decisions will seem. Remember that most decisions you make this week probably won’t have lasting effects on your entire future. Keep the mental breakdowns at bay since Mercury is in retrograde soon and you’ll need all the energy you can muster.


The Sun opposite your sign draws attention away from yourself and onto others. You’ll feel, like, weirdly selfless. Use your generous spirit to pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line. Let a stranger have your taxi. Sure, it seems like you’re being a saint, but you’re really just harvesting all the good karma you can get for when Mercury goes into retrograde. There’s nothing wrong with that.


This week, you want to get a little more organized before you inevitably become a hot mess again when Mercury retrogrades in the near future. Get your laundry done (and put away). Clean your makeup brushes for the first time ever. Maybe even meal prep. That’s a thing, right? Anyway, get your sh*t in order this week so when things start falling apart, you’ll at least have clean underwear.


Venus opposite your sign makes things really amicable with others, even your enemies. It’s the best week for you to make amends. Set up a coffee date or just text a friend you feel like you’re growing apart from. Rebuild those bridges. Keep your social calendar full with new and old friends alike. You literally never know when or where you’ll need an ally—especially when Mercury in retrograde is right around the corner.

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