Here Comes The Full Moon: Your Weekend Horoscopes April 27-29

There’s a full moon brewing this Sunday, and the weather isn’t the only thing that’s going to be changing. Relationships will come into focus, tensions will reveal themselves, and all of your dreams will come true. Jk, but a full moon brings success and clarity. Want to take advantage of everything that the full moon has to offer? Here are your weekend horoscopes April 27 to April 29.


Your strong-headed nature will both help and hurt you this weekend. Gunning for a promotion? Want to finally get started on that big life-changing project? Ready to start that podcast? This is the weekend to do it. But beware of how you’re treating people along the way. A bulldozer is never cute.


Take it easy this weekend, Taurus. No, please, we’re begging you. Your bullish nature could get you in serious trouble. So pick a Netflix show, order some Seamless, and enjoy a calm, danger-free weekend. Don’t like being alone? The passion in your horoscope this week is a great thing to share with somebody else, if you know what I mean.


This weekend needs to be all about self-care. Geminis, with their twin sides, generally like to ask a lot from the world. Most of the time, this is totally okay. But this weekend it could come back to bite you. Instead, take the weekend to recharge and see what you can ask of yourself.


If last weekend was all about taking charge, this weekend is about collaboration. Your tendency to lead, while admirable, could get in the way of an important relationship. Instead, figure out how to work together. Create your brunch when2meet together, or share recommendations via the Yelp app. Everyone will be happier you did.


Leos love to always be in the middle of the action, but this weekend it’s important to know your limitations. When your friend asks if you want to go skydiving upstate, maybe take a rain check. It’s great to set big goals for yourself, but don’t overdo it. Spend some time working on your novel or reading that intellectual book your dad got you for Christmas.


You know what you want this weekend, and now you just need to go about figuring out how to get it (or them). You’re poised to actualize whatever it is that you’ve been fantasizing about, but tread carefully. Remember, there’s a difference between a tantalizing text and 10 Insta DMs that tells them you’re sitting at that bar they always geotag that’s right outside their apartment. Be chill, and good things will come.


Your theme this weekend should be unbothered. Whatever life throws at you, whether it be an annoying email from your super or a misunderstanding with a friend, you’ll just get it over with and move on. Don’t dwell on the fact that your friend Venmo’d you $1 less than they should’ve. Your chillness will allow you to have an uneventful and productive weekend.


This is a good weekend to call your mom and vent all of your frustrations, because otherwise you risk pissing a lot of people off. Talk to your cat, talk to your mom, talk to your therapist, but don’t talk shit at brunch. Because no one likes it when you tell them their Insta aesthetic is basic after 1.5 mimosas.


You’re so hyped up this weekend, people might think you’ve increased your Adderall prescription. Whatever. Use some of that excess energy to your advantage by finally switching over to your spring wardrobe, or actually cleaning out the drawer in your house that is always full of random nonsense. We know you have one. Everybody does.


Everybody wants to hang out with you this weekend, Capricorn. It’s not your fault you’re so popular. Just remember that you don’t have to say yes to every single person who wants to make plans with you. Weekends are for hanging out, sure, but they’re also for sleeping and eating and saying nothing to no one. Blow off some of the less fun people who hit you up this weekend, so you can get some much needed Netflix time.



You’re feeling energized by the Sun these days, and you know what that means: time for some elaborate plans! Everybody has one thing they’ve been really wanting to do, but requires a little travel or extra effort, and this is your weekend to do it. Go to that museum! See that movie! Take that long train ride to a far away fuckboy you’ve been meaning to hook up with! The world is your oyster!


This is a good weekend to make new friends (for once), Pisces. Keep an eye out at the bar for someone cool, or at least someone who is ordering a cool drink and looks like they enjoy partying as much as you do. Then get their number and schedule a friend date ASAP. Friend love is in the air.

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