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There Was A 'VPR' Finale Extended Scene You Might've Missed

At this point, it feels fair to proclaim the Vanderpump Rules season 11 finale was more exciting than the entire season. From Ariana’s walkout of a century that sent her costars into a tailspin to  Tom’s hot mic moment that had us shaking in our boots (out of fear, but also anger). There was so much drama (and screamo) going on it was easy to forget that a major brawl teased ahead of the season 11 premiere didn’t make the final cut — except it did, only if you watched the uncensored extended version on Peacock.

If you watched the season 11 trailer 76 times like I did (first of all, you’re elite, never change) then you’ll recall a mystery someone instigated a serious physical fight with Tom Sandoval at a fancy-looking black-tie event that turned out to be Kyle Chan’s whiskey party. The best guess at the time of the pre-season press seemed to be James, who was still riding high from dropping the greatest insult of all time at the season 10 reunion. But now that the highly anticipated scene has finally aired, we know who swung at Tom Sandoval and the answer is a lot weirder than expected. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the deleted scene fight from the VPR finale that was so chaotic we almost forgot it happened.

Who threw a glass at Tom Sandoval during the season 11 finale?

Tom Sandoval 'VPR' finale fight
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Before everyone went all Lord of the Flies on Ariana, there was a period of the night where the gang was having fun. Lala, Katie, Ally, and Dan were dancing in the VIP section when a very drunk blond man serving White Lotus season 2 Italian party yacht energy started drinking the VPR crew’s alcohol and shaking the bottles, along with his very drunk ass, in their faces. James asked Brock to put those muscles to work (a novel idea) and get the guy out of their space, which Brock graciously handled. But within minutes the anonymous blond man was shimmying his way back over to the group. Security stepped in to hold him back, and in response, the dude threw a table setting (glass and all) in the security guard’s face.

So what does this have to do with Tom Sandoval? Absolutely nothing. Being most extra per usual, Tom interjected himself between the security team that was clearly capable of handling the problem (he legit yelled “GUYS” a staggering six times to get everyone’s attention). Thus the drunk blond rando inflected his rage on Sandoval, grabbing more glasses and a chair before security managed to carry him out. Why would Tom Sandoval run across the room to put himself in the middle of a fight with a dangerous stranger? I mean it could be because he’s just being the generous, dependable friend he always has been deep down. Or… hear me out… maybe trying to dunk on a blacked-out clown who was already being escorted out was an easy way for Tom to once again attempt to fool his friends, the viewers, and himself into thinking he’s the hero. The jury’s still out, though.



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