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Where to Buy All The Sh!t You Saw On the Internet This Week

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It’s no question that for those who are chronically online (hi, it’s me), a lot of shit goes down within a week’s time. Like, I constantly find myself asking, “What’s the equivalent to an hour online in dog years?” And, if you’ve never found yourself scrolling at 3AM completely hooked on the latest TikTok Trend, then I don’t know if we can relate. Listen, I’m not exactly sure it’s healthy to go down a rabbit hole about what caused the Sophie/Joe break up or, that iced coffee now belongs on your nails, but it sure is a lot of fun.

What’s even more fun is the idea of being able to play into the trends that you see, the celeb outfits you spot, or even just find that link you’ve been searching for all over the internet but still can’t find. Well, you can stop panicking now because I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Lucky for you, it’s my *actual* job to keep an eye on this stuff, so here’s all the sh!t you saw on the internet this week and where to buy it.

It’s Almost ‘Gilmore Girls’ Weather And We’re Living In This Rory Sweater

@jackie.broe RUN TO AMAZON!!!! Rory Gilmore sweaters 🤎🍂🍁☕️ #gilmoregirls #rorygilmore #autumn #fall #sweaterweather #autumnaesthetic #greenscreen ♬ gilmore lala – &lt3

Okay, okay, so the weather is still screaming “summer” but it’s not going to stop us from literally living in this Rory Gilmore inspired sweater for the remainder of the year.

Aelfric Eden Oversized Knit Sweater

Pour One Out For The Small Apartment Girlies

@taramoni_ @Urban Outfitters home assortment is SNEAKY good #grwm ♬ original sound – clothes are friends

Okay, so we knew that Anthropolgie’s home section is elite, but who knew that Urban Outfitter’s was also low-key the best place to buy things (even as an adult)?! This vanity is ideal for small spaces because it’s multifunctional and we love a girl that can do both.

Elise Vanity & Stool Set

Selena And Her Blanket Are Legit Iconic

If you haven’t seen this meme, well then you’re probably living under a rock. We love a girlie in her cozy era, and while I had my eye on the Fendi Bag, so many others just wanted the comfy blanket. And TBH, I don’t blame you.  

Teal and Gray Mexican Blanket

Girl Dinner Taken To The Next Level


i think yall tagged me in this sweatshirt 500 times. So yeah…i bought it. Pickle girls unite

♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

Okay, if this sweatshirt hasn’t hit your FYP, it’s because you’re not a girl. Nothing brought women together quite like the #girldinner trend and I think this sweatshirt is a 100% consequence of that. Whether you’re pregnant, drunk eating over the sink, or you just ordered a burger, we all love a good pickle.

Pickle Jars Sweatshirt

Miley In Her LBD

@mileycyrus Replying to @Gibson Johns ♬ TRUE. Used To Be Young August 25 – Miley Cyrus

If you haven’t heard, Miley came out with new music this week and it sent us into a complete nostalgia overload. The ‘Used To Be Young’ singer has been dropping hints on her IG about the song in the cutest LBD I’ve ever seen. Bonus points: it’s on sale, so us normies might have a chance at scoring it too. Warning: it only comes in a few sizes, but this one is just as cute!

Draped Shirt-Sleeve Minidress

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