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Congrats To The ‘VPR’ Cast On Their Award-Winning Reunion Performances

For the first time in its storied history, the Academy has made the decision to stray from its traditional focus on high-brow accolades. In addition to this year’s award season, the Academy is proud to announce an impromptu Award Ceremony dedicated to the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Reunion – a ceremony that is equally as legitimate and valid as Raquel’s proposition to become sister wives with Ariana. The Academy feels a responsibility to recognize the tremendous efforts of the cast and crew for a season conclusion that spans a range of categories, runs the emotional gamut, and has contributed to premature graying of millennials nationwide. 

Please see the officially official list of nominees below; category winners are in bold. 

Best Overall Performance

Raquel Leviss’ Long-Awaited Sobs While The Credits Rolled

Tom Schwartz’s Use of “Juxtaposition”


Charlotte, for Haunting Raquel From the Dead 

Raquel and Tom’s Disney Villain Giggle Session in the Dressing Room 


LVP Doing Her Best To Process Tom Dressing Up As Raquel For Halloween 

Best Supporting Actor

Tom Schwartz’s Bottle of Xanax


Scheana’s Grapefruit White Claw 

The Cheese Grater 

The Producer Who Coerced The Truth Out Of Raquel

Outstanding Costume Design 

Tom Schwartz’s Leopard (?) Print Glasses 

Ariana Madix’s Revenge Dress

Tom Sandoval’s Nauseating White Nail Polish 


Scheana’s Self-Promoting “It Really Is All Happening” Sweatshirt

Best Display of Emotion 

Andy Cohen For Trying To Hide His Disgust  

Ariana Madix For Not Trying To Hide Her Disgust 

Scheana Shay’s Emotional Range From 100 Yards Away Scheana-Shay-VPR-Reaction

Raquel Leviss’ Unwavering Blank Stare


Outstanding Writing for a Reality Series 

“It was like a father-daughter kissing.” – Katie Maloney 

“We’re still doing the restraining order do-si-do.” – Andy Cohen

“She ain’t gonna win this pageant either.” – DJ James Kennedy

“You’re a dementor… because I know you love Harry Potter.” – Ariana Madix 

“A throuple?” – Producer 

Raquel-Leviss-VPR-Reunion All photos courtesy of Peacock.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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