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Ugh, I Guess We Have To Talk About Jo & Schwartz's Relationship Timeline

It’s officially time to unpack Schwartz and Jo’s ambiguous relationship. These two Vanderpump Rules characters are individually annoying, so it’s not surprising that they’re super annoying as a duo. I think Katie agrees with me on that one. They give… immaturity and overwhelming golden retriever energy. No, Schwartz and Jo never actually used boyfriend/girlfriend labels, but it’s clear that they have (or had?) some kind of strong romantic bond. The hairstylist is becoming a season 11 regular, and she and Schwartz have attempted to explain their connection on the show multiple times. Obviously, I still have questions.

These days, it seems like Schwartz has moved on to Sophia Skoro, his rumored current girlfriend. She’s a 23-year-old recent college grad, so maybe things for Schwartz and Jo didn’t fully blossom because he’s in his Leo DiCaprio dating era? Hard to say. To get a clearer understanding of Schwartz’s dating life and complex relationship with Jo, here’s a comprehensive timeline of Jo and Schwartz , or Jwartz and Sho, whichever you prefer.

February 2023 — Schwartz reveals that Jo is staying with him on Vanderpump Rules 

On the show, Schwartz told Scheana that Jo was staying with him. “[I haven’t hooked up with Jo],” he claimed. “Not even a little bit. Not even a micro moment. Jo’s my girl.” A very confusing, very Schwartz statement.

May 2023 — Schwartz defends Jo at the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion

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He was Jo’s knight in shining armor at the tense reunion. After Katie called Jo a “creep” (lol), Schwartz came to his special buddy’s defense. “Katie don’t do that, don’t disparage her,” he clapped back. “You’re going to get a cease and desist if you keep attacking her in the comments, too.”

August 2023 — They hang out at the hair salon


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Schwartz made an extremely unfortunate decision to dye his hair blonde and then posted photos of him and Jo at the hair salon. “Hit me with the Draco Malfoy 🤝,” he wrote in his caption. I have to agree with Katie’s statement on the matter: “Oh boy.”

February 2024 — Schwartz ~kind of~ clears up their relationship status during a Vanderpump Rules episode

He attempted to set the record straight on his relationship with Jo and somehow still confused us. “Jo is a human being — Jo is a light in my life,” Schwartz said during an episode. “I want to clear things up. Jo was never living with me. Was she staying with me sporadically? Yes. She’s not my girlfriend, she never was. We had like the whirlwind romance but we are just buds now.” She was not his girlfriend, but they had a whirlwind romance. Got it.

March 2024 — Schwartz elaborates on his feelings for Jo and calls her a “great cup of tea” on Vanderpump Rules

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Once again, Schwartz tried to define his relationship with Jo. “Just to be clear, Jo and I were never in a formal relationship,” he said. “However, last summer, maybe I didn’t fully divulge just how much me and Jo cared about each other.” He admitted that Jo is “not everyone’s cup of tea,” but called her “a great cup of tea.” Hmm.

When they were both asked about when they last hooked up, Schwartz said he didn’t remember, and Jo responded with “like a month ago.” Although Jo said that she thinks the feelings between them are still there, Schwartz shared, “Now, it’s more platonic. We established boundaries and we just hang out, we kick it, and we’re friends … I hope she’s not mad at me for this.”

March 2024 — Jo opens up about Schwartz on Insta

In a since-deleted post, the hairstylist shared moments from her friendship with Schwartz and got out her feelings in a long caption. “Everything about this human makes me happy,” she wrote. “Have you ever found a human that just gets you? Makes you laugh and has a genuine love for people the same way I do too. 💕that’s Tom.” Jo added, “Maybe I’m not the girl for him, but I get it — he is really a good example of someone living in the moment always and so am I.” I’m more and more confused why they didn’t just date?

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