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Top 10 Most Cringey Moments In Bachelor History

From blindside rejections to physical altercations, The Bachelor is a recipe for disaster —  and that’s exactly why we all love it so much. With 30 women living under one roof all vying for the affection of one man, there are bound to be awkward moments that make you cringe and turn off your TV forever, while also being so good you physically cannot look away. Let’s just say if I were in some of these situations, I might have to move to another country and create a whole new identity. And that’s putting it gently. Let’s get into the most awkward moments in Bachelor history.

The Top 10 Most Akward Moments In Bachelor History

10. Katie Gets a Pity Rose, Season 5

With 30 women on the first night, it’s actually impressive how the lead is able to remember all of their names, but in this instance, he wasn’t. When Bachelor, Jesse Palmer (yes, that Jesse Palmer) gave the last rose of the night to Katie instead of Karen he made the bold choice to announce his mistake in front of everyone AND THEN extend Katie the courtesy of staying even though he literally meant to send her home. Katie was delulu like the rest of us though and decided to accept the pity rose. We’ve all been there, girl. 

9. Hannah Doesn’t Know How To Give A Toast, Season 23

The ladies are all hoping to get the one-on-one dates to get that special quality time with the lead. When Hannah Brown got the first one-on-one with Bachelor, Colton Underwood, it was very clear that her nerves got the best of her. Nearing the end of the date Colton asked her to give a toast and Hannah was literally at a loss for words. Watching her keep repeating “um” and “okay” dozens of times before ultimately giving up and just saying “roll tide” was extremely hard. Not to mention Colton gave her no help and just intently stared at her while she failed to speak. 

8. Olivia’s Vegas Cake Dance, Season 20

It seems there is always a talent show on The Bachelor and it is just a tool to embarrass all of the ladies. Not everyone has a hidden talent, so the women need to think on their feet and get creative. The villain of the season, Olivia Caridi, thought she would blow Bachelor Ben Higgins away by popping out of a cake in a Las Vegas showgirl outfit —  naturally. The performance was extremely hard to watch as Olivia flopped out of the cake and kicked around the stage barefoot as Ben and the other women watched in horror. A for effort, I guess!

7. Colton Jumps the Fence, Bachelor 23

When contestant Cassie Randolph decided to leave the process and end things with Bachelor, Colton Underwood, he did not take it well. In a fit of rage, Colton pushed away the cameras, ripped off all of his mic gear, and headed toward the gate of their villa in Portugal as host Chris Harrison and production tried to calm him down. He then dramatically launched himself over the huge gate just for Chris to open it seconds after with a hit of a button, a little dramatic Colton don’t you think? The production crew then aimlessly searched for Colton through the streets of Portugal in the pitch black. He was finally found roaming the streets basically throwing a temper tantrum and refusing to talk to anyone. No wonder Cassie ended up filing a restraining order against him after their season wrapped it’s clear the guy has anger management issues.

6. Andi Tells Off Juan Pablo, Bachelor 18

Whenever you end a relationship, you kind of want the other person to fight for you, but in this case, Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis made it perfectly clear that he could not give less of a fuck that contestant Andi Dorfman was breaking up with him. After making it to Fantasy Suites, Andi realized she could not see a future with Juan Pablo but wanted to let him down easy. His reaction to her saying she doesn’t love him? “That’s perfect.” Yes, he actually said that. As Andi goes on and on grasping for straws the Bachelor just kept repeating “It’s fine” until Andi finally called him out for what he is: an asshole. 

5. Champagne-Gate, Season 24

In one of the hardest misunderstandings to watch, contestant Hannah Ann Sluss mistakenly drank Kelsey Weier’s special bottle of champagne that she had been saving for over a year to share with Bachelor, Peter Weber. Kelsey had a complete breakdown at the cocktail party once she realized Hannah Ann drank it and immediately went off on her. Production brought over another bottle of champagne so she could finally have her special moment with Peter but after she opened it and went to drink it from the bottle, the champagne exploded all over her face. It was a rough night for Kelsey to say the least. 

4. Peter and Victoria Get Serenaded By Her Ex, Season 24

In what was the most awkward one-on-one ever a clueless Peter was going on and on about how excited he was to see contestant Victoria Fuller’s face when she saw the surprise which was a private Chase Rice concert, only for her face to drop because Chase Rice is her ex-boyfriend. I mean could a date get any worse than that? Peter’s dancing during the concert was also cringey enough to take anyone out but to make matters worse a fangirling Peter made sure to talk to Chase Rice after the concert still having no idea the two dated. Producers knew what they were doing with this one. 

3. Arie Breaks Off His Engagement To Becca’s, Season 22

It’s supposed to be happy ever after following the proposal but for Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Becca Kufrin, things could not have gone worse. After proposing to Becca in the finale, Arie seemingly changed his mind out of nowhere and decided he was still in love with runner-up Lauren Burnham. In what was one of the most awkward 30 minutes in reality TV, Arie lets production know and they FILM the break up with Becca. She processes the news and gets up to walk away from him but he proceeds to follow her around the house as she begs him to go away. As soon as the audience thinks he is finally leaving the house, he comes back in again just to keep asking her if she is okay and she says what we were ALL thinking “What are you still doing here?”

2. Peter’s Mom’s Behavior During the Finale, Season 24

What’s worse, the overbearing mom or the son who won’t stand up to her? Peter Weber’s mom, Barb, made it clear that when it came to his final two, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madi Prewett, Hannah Ann was the only one she would accept. In a cringe-worthy moment, Barb pleads and cries to Peter to “bring Hannah Ann home” to them even though it’s clear that his heart lies with Madi. After Peter and Hannah Ann’s engagement is broken off because it only happened due to Barb’s manipulation in the first place, he gets back together with Madi. During the couple’s first appearance on “After the Final Rose,” Barb openly disapproves from the audience and says that Peter “will have to fail to succeed.” Damn Barb, tell us how you really feel. 

1. Rozlyn is Caught Having Inappropriate Relations with a Staff Member, Season 14

It’s bad enough when a contestant is sent home by the lead, but you know things are bad when the host has to step in. When contestant Rozlyn Papa was caught by several other contestants in the house for having a physical relationship with a member of production, former host Chris Harrison confronted her on camera. Tensions were high as Rozlyn argued that her actions should not result in her being sent home, but did not deny the claim. Chris made it clear that her actions were not acceptable though and made her pack her bags and leave that night. I mean at least she got more action in the house than most girls do I guess. 

Jolie Zenna
Jolie Zenna
Jolie Zenna is a senior at Syracuse University studying digital journalism. She spends her free time binge-watching reality TV, gossiping with her friends and lives off of Trader Joe’s microwavable meals.
Jolie Zenna
Jolie Zenna
Jolie Zenna is a senior at Syracuse University studying digital journalism. She spends her free time binge-watching reality TV, gossiping with her friends and lives off of Trader Joe’s microwavable meals.