This 'Bachelor' Swimsuit Photoshop Fail Might Be The Worst One Yet

At this point, we’ve talked at length about how this is one of the sloppiest seasons of The Bachelor. Does anyone actually think Peter is going to find love out of this sh*t show? I’m always skeptical about The Bachelor, but I just can’t with this season. But little did I know, the contestants aren’t the only ones being messy this season. On Monday night’s episode, the editors did some sloppy work of their own during the Costa Rican bikini photoshoot, and I actually can’t believe this sh*t made it to air.

Of course, ABC is a family channel, so some of the women’s bikini choices weren’t quite up to the network’s ass-covering standards. Funny, apparently the ABC execs don’t have any issue with Pete making out with seven women in an episode, but god forbid anyone see more than one-third of an ass cheek! But not to worry! The editors know exactly what to do in this situation, and they were able to use high-tech CGI to seamlessly make the swimsuits appear more conservative. Lol, JK. There was nothing high-tech about this.

Instead, the editors went in there with a lil paintbrush tool and just did their thing! And the results were… not so stunning. This first came to my attention with this tweet, which shows a nice little red blob of fake swimsuit that they added to Victoria F’s butt.

What the f*ck is this? First Victoria loses her Cosmo cover, and now the good people of America can’t even see her ass on TV! I’d just like to point something out. The Bachelor is on ABC, which is owned by Disney, which is responsible for like, every iconic animated movie. You mean to tell me that the people who made Merida’s curly red hair look so realistic couldn’t have spent half a day on some life-like fabric for Victoria’s ass? I’m disappointed, to say the least.

But of course, Victoria F wasn’t the only one in this crew of thots that needed a little help in the swimsuit coverage department. TMZ posted these screenshots from the episode, which show that Victoria P and Kelley also got the same tragic Microsoft Paint treatment. While Kelley’s leopard swimsuit kind of just looks like it’s been poorly Facetuned, I’m obsessed with Victoria P’s whole situation, which makes it look like she’s wearing a cartoon diaper.

This is sooooo sloppy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone lost their job over this. But really, I feel bad for poor Victoria P. Just think of how many hours Vicky spent up in the gym, working on her fitness doing squats, all to make sure that her butt looked perfect when she came on this show to become a model find love. And now all the swimsuit companies are going to review this footage, and they won’t even be able to tell! It’s so sad, I can’t even.

Actual footage of next week, when the producers decide Pete needs to wear a swim shirt:

Kelley and Victoria F are still hanging in there on Peter’s season, so hopefully they’ll get another chance to wear swimsuits, and the editors will be able to redeem themselves. But for Victoria P, who went home on last night’s episode, she’ll have to resort to posting swimsuit photos on Instagram, and hoping they don’t get reported for showing too high a percentage of her ass. I’m rooting for you, Victoria P! Get out there and show your butt to the world, you earned it!

Images: ABC; fionasimone / Twitter; TMZ

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Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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