The Best Outfits From 'The Bachelor' So Far & Where To Buy Them

One thing that’s for sure from this season of The Bachelor is that Colton has the best group of girls we’ve seen in a while. Sure, they might be thirsty Instagram models, but like, who isn’t these days? All the girls are GORGEOUS and actually stylish. For the first time in a long time, I’ve actually been finding myself Googling what the Bachelor contestants are wearing because their outfits are just that cute, rather than cringing at my screen at their sequined monstrosities (@BeccaK). Fortunately for me, and ultimately all of you, there are a few different Instagram accounts solely dedicated to finding exactly what the Bachelor contestants are wearing and where they bought those pieces are from. Here are my five favorite pieces we’ve seen so far this season and where to get each. Disclaimer, a lot have limited size runs because this was shot months ago, but don’t worry, I’ve found similar styles with full size runs to shop in the event that you’re not an XXS or XXL. Also, a lot of these are expensive. I already know, so don’t come for me. I guess shilling sunglasses on Instagram really does pay. You could try Sears?

1. Bri’s Group Date Top

Bri Barnes was taken away from us way to soon. Like, I would have continued to tune in every Monday night JUST to see her stunning face. Plus, you know she still had a full suitcase of killer outfits for us that we never even got to see. *Sigh.* Fortunately, she did give us our go-to shirt for casual date nights this spring during her “Stories of Firsts” group date. Unlike Tracy who tried way too hard with her trendy hat, Bri’s outfit was cute, stylish, and effortless. It was fittingly very off-duty model, which is a look we all strive for but rarely achieve. However, go get her shirt while there’s still a few left and you’ll at least be slightly closer to achieving such goals.

Faithful The Brand Zeus Stripe Print Beau Rivage Shirt

2. Heather’s Pool Party One Piece

Tbh, I’m not buying that Heather’s never been kissed. Like, you never played spin the bottle in the 7th grade? Unless she legit had no friends growing up, this makes no sense. And uhm, did you see the full blown makeout with Colton that was (allegedly) her first kiss? There’s no way a girl who’s never been kissed has the confidence or knowledge to give us such a passionate and steamy makeout. ANYWAYS, Heather M. the kissing virgin’s one piece swimsuit during the pool party was AMAZING. It’s the most non-basic swimsuit and the perfect combo of cute and stylish, yet skin baring enough to still be sexy. Kudos to you and your *now* non-virgin lips, Heather!

Kendall X Kylie

Kendall + Kylie x REVOLVE Cutout One Piece 

3. Cassie’s Date Dress

Everyone with eyes knows that Cassie is a clear frontrunner. Not only is she beautiful, all of her outfits have been on point and event-appropriate. I don’t know who was loving Cassie’s slit dress more, me or Colton. The dress is the definition of effortlessly sexy, just like my girl Cassie. Tbh, I reallyyyyy don’t want her to win this thing because she’d make an ideal Bachelorette. So like, Colton, please go back to making out with Heather under the fireworks, kthanks.

Cassie Slit Dress

Tularosa Essie Maxi

4. Caeylnn’s Shopping Date Dress

I still haven’t decided how I feel about Caelynn. Her beef with Hannah B. is super confusing and hurts my brain every single Monday as I go back and forth over whose side I’m on. However, she looked super cute and perfectly dressed for appealing to all of The Bachelor‘s middle-aged American moms for her shopping date with Colton. BTW, this is my DREAM date! Maybe minus all the impractical culturally relevant dresses she was forced to buy, but still, it beats having to go bungee jumping with Colton as he screams like a little girl.

MISA Los Angeles Lillian dress

5. Hannah G’s Romper

This may be the first time in history a first impression rose winner has had to wait so long for a one-on-one. Honestly, Hannah G. is the epitome of Insta style blogger goals, so I’m ready for her one-on-one to see if she has a personality to back up her flawless social media image. She’s clearly stunning and knows how to dress herself and, considering she’s basically the face of Show Me Your Mumu, it comes as no surprise that she’s been wearing a lot of their pieces on this season thus far. This little romper is an ideal piece to have in any Bachelor contestant’s arsenal because it can be dressed up or down, and is feminine and flattering. This is one of the few pieces from this list that there is still almost a full size run available so go get it like, now.=

Show Me Your Mumu Olympia Romper

Show Me Your Mumu Olympia Romper

To my pleasant surprise, I’ve actually really been enjoying Colton’s season so far. Enjoyable enough to consume my Monday nights and cut into my beloved Vanderpump Rules? Not so much. But still, between the drama and the fashion, I can guarantee I’ll be tuning it for at least a few more weeks. Well, we’ll see.

Images: @the_style_spotter / Instagram; Faithful The Brand; Revolve (2); MISA Los Angeles; Show Me Your Mumu
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