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Sorry Not Sorry, Taylor Swift's New Album Name Is Giving TumblrCore

Listen, I love Taylor Swift. I spent my hard earned money (and first born child) on Eras tickets. I  have waited with bated breath like the rest of you die hard Swifties for the release of Reputation (Taylor’s Version). But when Taylor announced her new album at the Grammys, I was a little perplexed by the name: The Tortured Poets Department. I’m sorry to say, it’s giving 2o14 Tumblr.

But before you come for me in the comments!!! That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Millennial cringe is absolutely making a comeback — from the side part to statement necklaces. And who better to lead the charge than Taylor Swift? The true millennial queen.


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Thank god I’m not alone in my assessment or I might die a slow death on Twitter and/or find a horse head in my bed inspired by the latest mob wife trend. They (meaning angry tweens) can’t take all of us down if we stand strong together! Here is further evidence that Taylor Swift’s album name is millennial cringe at best — and why we love her anyway!! (Legally, I had to add that last bit so Tree Paine doesn’t threaten my family.)

Funny Tweets About Taylor Swift’s New Album Name

Classic Members Of The Tortured Poets Department

Step aside Dead Poets Society, this department is less dark academia and more “my diary entries never leave my notes app.”

Sad Girlies, Unite! TumblrCore Is Back

Black and white filters! Paperback books! Performative smoking habits! Millennial cringe is back, baby.


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New BF Just Wants To Feel Included

Sure, this album name is directly based off of Joe Alwyn’s group chat name but Travis is a poet in his own right.

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