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There's A New 'Real Housewife Of Dubai' And You're Going To Want To Hear About Her

Girls, gays, and peer-pressured husbands let’s get a Burj Khalifa-sized round of applause. The Real Housewives of Dubai is finally back for season 2! It looked dicey there for a moment as rumors speculated during years of silence that the series may be a cursed one and done. But lucky us, Andy, and the powers that be blessed us with the right decision: we can expect more antics from Chanel Ayan, Caroline Stanbury, and the rest of the girls with whom we were just getting acquainted. However, Nina Ali (the elegant mother of three whose family lives in the aforementioned Dubai monument) has stepped down because she’s too busy making money with her other businesses (rich ppl tings), which makes room for a new wife to take her place. Cue: Taleen Marie, who will debut during RHOD’s season two premiere on June 2, 2024. But is the newcomer ready for the desert heat? Here’s everything we know about our new Real Housewife of Dubai Taleen Marie so far.

How Old Is Taleen Marie?

Taleen is a 36-year-old mother of two.

What Is Taleen Marie’s Job?

In addition to being a full-time mom, Taleen prides herself on being a wife, entrepreneur, fitness influencer, and one of the founding creators of the international make-up empire, Ctzn Cosmetics. Taleen has also spent much of her youth in the United States including living in Virginia and Los Angeles, where she worked in the music industry.

How Did She End Up on the Show?

The Armenian-American business owner relocated to Dubai 10 years ago (with her husband Rafael Khad Noyan). She now considers Dubai home, though she still travels back and forth to Los Angeles. Since moving, she has become close friends with fearless cast member Caroline Brooks and seems to be enjoying her time with the rest of the group, too. If her excitement during the initial announcement of her recruitment at last year’s Bravocon is any indication, Taleen is not here to play around. So we should probably expect a lot of noise from the “assy” and “classy” woman of the world.

Marissa Dow
Marissa Dow
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