Shape Wear For Your Wedding Dress — Because You Deserve Unconditional Support

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When you’re a bride, it might feel like all eyes are on you, but in reality everyone is leaning on YOU to give them answers. Is it just me or does everyone and their literal mother and cousin and aunt and uncle, call and ask for directions to the venue (Like, did you even look at the wedding website?). And TBH, you deserve a little unconditional support on your wedding day, and frankly all of 2023. No, it’s not likely to come from the people around you, but if you find the right kind,  a trusty pair of shape wear can give you all the support you need.

If you think about it, that pair of compression shorts you bought on whim has actually been there for you through it all. From wedding dress shopping, to fittings, the big day, and all the events in between—so, it’s worth finding something that’s going to make you feel like your bestie does when she finds all the right angles during an impromptu IG photoshoot.

During my wedding, I had a menty B or two (or ten) so I was looking for all the support I could get. Which means, I tried on every kind of shape wear known to woman. Here are my faves based on your dress situation.

Best Budget Friendly

You have enough to worry about budget-wise when it comes to your wedding. This Shapermint short is elite in the sculpting department and really says, “the most bang for your buck.” You don’t have to skimp on quality even when you’re looking for something that your wallet would be proud of. It has over 8K reviews on Amazon  AND prevents your thighs from chaffing. A win-win in my book.

Shop it: Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts, $28, Amazon

Best Shorts

These are the actual shorts I wore on my wedding day, and let me tell you… The glow up was real. The bonded front panel is literal magic, and it was supportive (not squishing me) for the entire evening. Pro tip: if you’re wearing a bra, just slip the top of it underneath your bra band to prevent it from rolling down.

Shop it: Spanx OnCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short, $78, Amazon

Best Brief

If you’ve got a gown with a slit, or you hate the feeling of shorts under a dress, this Honeylove brief is incredible. It’s got the criss-cross targeted compression that feels very intentional to fit your curves. Plus, it comes in white and I’m a sucker for anything white when it comes to weddings.

Shop it: Honeylove SuperPower Brief, $84, Honeylove

Best Bodysuit

This one might be tough for anything other than a full-coverage gown, but it’s worth mentioning for other events because it’s just *that* good. I discovered the ShaperX brand on TikTok (shocker) and had to prove to myself that I’d fit in something that looked like it was made for a 3 year old. Well, it fits and it’s a miracle worker. And, it has an open gusset which is ideal for when you inevitably break the seal after a glass of champagne.

Shop it: SHAPERX Tummy Control Mid Thigh Bodysuit, $38, Amazon

Best Deep-V

If you have a larger bust, or simply want more support on your wedding day in a low-cut gown, a deep-v undergarment can be unfairly hard to find. And, while I hate admitting this, Kim def knows what’s she’s doing with Skims. What’s best about this one is that you can remove the straps depending on your dress.

Shop it: Skims Deep Plunge Mid-Thigh Bodysuit, $128, Skims

Best Backless

You guessed it, Skims wins again in the technical department. You don’t have to give up your dream of having a backless dress AND something supportive underneath with these sculpting shorts. IDK what it is about the sheerness but they’re giving a sexy vibe vs. having to run into the bathroom to remove your shape wear on your wedding night.

Shop it: Skims Sheer Sculpt Low Back Short, $52, Skims

Best Bra

While generally, I feel like most wedding gowns don’t require a bra, there are some that do. Honestly, sometimes it’s just nice to wear one for a little extra oomf, too. This bra is so ~chic~ with it’s corset-like boning and low back, that I’m second guessing as to why I DIDN’T wear it on my big day.

Shop it: Lively Low Back Strapless, $55, Lively

Honorable Mention

If there’s any day you’re going to sweat, I promise it’s going to be your wedding day. And while it’s ~natural~ to sweat, no one wants to see my boob sweat stains. These bra-liners from Belly Bandit have become a main character in my everyday life and work overtime during any summer event. You can put it in your bra, but it fits nicely into a dress that fits snuggly across your bust, too.

Shop it: Belly Bandit Don’t Sweat-It Bra Liners, $19.95, Amazon

Feature image courtesy of Shutterstock/Natalia Bostan

Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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