Cute Summer Tumblers That Will Hide The Fact You're Drinking In Public

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer isn’t day drinking, then you’re probably doing your whole entire life wrong. It’s kind of just widely accepted that basically every time a group of twenty-somethings are near any kind of water or any facility with a lawn or grill, day-drinking will occur. Unless those twenty-somethings are like, Amish or whatever, in which case they save they day-drinking for Rumspringa. I think. Who knows what Amish do, really? For those of us who are allowed to use zippers, you sadly can’t always get away with lugging a bottle of Barefoot Moscato to the beach, so you should probably get a cute tumbler cup to make all of your questionable decisions a little more acceptable. Here are a few that will look really good on your Snap story. 

W&P Design Pineapple Tumbler, Urban Outfitters

This pineapple tumbler is so extra but like, definitely in the good way. It comes in gold and rose gold so you can find the one that best matches the rest of your life. (Or at least your iPhone.) Plus, there’s even a matching set of shot glasses.

Sip Sip Tumbler with Straw, has a ton of cool shit that’s practically begging to be Instagrammed, so this tumbler cup is def a must-have. They have lots of prints and designs to choose from, but if I had to pick one to narrow it down, I’d have to go with the Will You Accept this Rose cup for obvious reasons.

Leaves & Lace Cold Cup, Starbucks

Okay, I know that adding a Starbucks cup to this list is basic AF, but that’s totally the point. There’s a pretty solid chance that this cup is the physical representation of literally everything you stand for. Realistically, you probably have this leaf print all over everything you own already and basically, own stock in Starbs with all of the iced skinny vanilla lattes you buy.

Can You Chill? Tumbler, Shop Betches

Not to be super biased but this tumbler is literally perfect. It’s hilarious and fits an entire bottle of wine, which are probably your two best qualities, too.

Sunnylife Watermelon Cup and Straw, Nordstrom

TBH, you’ll probably use this once and then realize that even though it’s dishwasher safe, nobody has time to continuously clean a curly straw that’s sucked down tons of booze. Anyway, it’s still pretty awesome so who really cares?

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers is one of those people whose entire personality consists of Real Housewives references, taking pictures of her dog, and drinking out of an obnoxiously large water bottle. You can find her work in Cosmopolitan, Bustle,, and more. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @hanchambers